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My STUPID cousin!

There's no talking to some people! She's going to start a diet where it consists of taking pills every day. She's done this once before - lost loads, and as one might predict, stopped pills, went back to old eating habits and put it on again. I tried talking to her before, and she's eaten round mine and enjoyed the SW food, and got all keen to try it. Basically she's been lured by this whole quick-fix thing. And to be fair, she's not stupid, just susceptable to the false dreams the adverts feed us. I'm just so BLOODY frustrated with her!

(By the way, she's about a size 16, so not much to lose really.)
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Hi Lucky
Well, we have all done this, whether pills, lighterlife, weightwatchers. Been there, done it, put it all back on. I b,elieve that life is a learning process and it is only when we get that light bulb moment, we realise that all we need to do is eat sensibly, exercise and be extremely kind and forgiving to ourselves that we can succeed.

Just be there for your cousin when and if she falls!!

Take care
I;m with Rosie

You will only alienate your cousin by trying too hard to dissuade her from this. If she fails, she will feel uncomfortable around you, so try to understand that she has made her decision (even if you don't agree with it) and be there for her through any future problems.

You obvioulsy care for her- she is very lucky to have you


Are you risking becoming the person that we all moan about on whatever weight loss plan we choose because they don't support us - oh you'll only put it back on again, you're eating too much/too little, it can't be healthy etc etc

Just because she's choosen a different way to you doesn't make her wrong

All you can do is support her and be there if she asks for help. If you put her down she'll never ask for your help.

Just be there for her and she'll find the path that is right for her


I will succeed!!!
Hey hun -

I bet most on the SW forum will see where you're coming from, because we all do the plan and know that it works, is safe, healthy and you don't starve self to do it.

However, she has to learn from her own mistakes honey. I know you have her interests at heart, and worry she'll be dissapointed, waste money and not do it a healthy way, but it's her choice. All you can do is be there for her and encourage her. Give her the support so she feels she can turn to you and carry on doing it your way - she may ask for advice at a later date and that's your cue to discuss SW. But until she asks for advice, don't push it at her. Two people at work have joined SW since I lost my weight simply because they saw it with their own eyes and asked me about how I lost the weight. So basically, let her see the positive side to SW and not feel it's pushed at her. But pestering her now, as good intentions as you have, will make her feel worse.

It's like smokers for example - they all know the risks of it but until they want to quit, there is not much point talking to them about it.

Be there for her and hopefully, it will work out well, whether that is this works for her or not.

I have to agree with the others Hun. As much as you think you are only doing what is best for her, she has to learn to do this on her own. No amount of pressure from you can sway your Cousin's mind, but you can alienate yourself when she needs your support.
Just step back and let her make her own decisions, but as the others have said just be there for her.

she has to learn from her mistakes, I have done crazy things in the past, there was no one can deter me from them, so after 2 yrs of yoyo and stupid diets, I end up bigger than what I was, so I learned the hard way.
I think a pill that can help you lose weight has got to be evil.
I had a friend who took Alli i believe it was and even if she so much as sniffed fat would soil herself. I just don't see how its good for your body to lose weight in that way. Healthy eating and exercise are the only way in my experience. I've tried pretty much everything!

Slimming world seems to be just right for me and i am hoping i see results.. with no pills in sight!

Hope your cousin comes to her senses and realises that over priced pills full of crap will not do her any long term good x

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