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Need to get into the 10s

Hi everyone, here is my food diary. I have put on and lost 8lbs for the last two months and i am fed up with it.

feel free to let me know your thoughts, any advice much appreciated.

B: 2x weetabix (HEB)

L: Jacket potato, beans, parma ham (1.5 syns), cheese (HEA), mange tout.
Activia yogurt.

D: Homemade meatballs with extra lean mince. White rice and curly kale.
Kit kat 2 finger (5.5)

Syn count: 7
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Hi ya,
This day looks fine to me. Do you always do EE?? maybe a change to RED/GREEN might kickstart losses again. Myabe a change in the foods you have on EE? How much do you drink? just thinking aloud with things that could be causing the 8lbs to come and go
Hi, thanks so much for the response. I have had a two week holiday in the middle and I don't think that helped. I also stopped synning booze at the weekend. I have taken myself in and check and am getting back on the waggon (even though it is my birthday on Tuesday). I always do EE, I hadn't thought about changing, do you find this helps?
Ah ha......... there is the culpret then, holiday and not synning the booze!! Booze is such a killer. I just dont drink, would rather spend my syns on something better.

I only do GREEN as a veggie, but do know that for some people a change can kick start the metabolism in to losing again. Worth a try
Thanks for all of your advice Honey.

Food diary for today:

B: Yogurt
Honey (1 syn)

L: Left over meatballs and rice

SW chips

S: apple
Orange juice (2.5 syns)
Crisps (4.5 syns)

Syns - 8

All advice appreciated, I did love the KFC.

Hi honey, I agree. I upped the superfood on Saturday and am still feeling very motivated.

B: Weetabix with water (HEB) Apple, Kiwi
L: woopse, nothing as i was in town
D: Pasta with loads of curly kale and salmon with quark
Activia yogurt
Syns: 5 G&Ts (20 syns)
Snacks: Beans when in from pub
Cafe Latte (HEA)
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today's food diary below - what do you think fellow slimmers?

B: Sausages (2 syns), mushrooms, cheesy eggs (1/2 HEB), grilled tomato
L: Pasta n sauce with salad with feta (1/2 HEb)
D: Turkey stir fry with curly kale, peppers, onions and beansprouts, sweet chilli (1.5syns)
Sweet chilli 1.5
half orange kit kat 3
sweets 2
ketchup 1
B: total 0% yogurt
Honey (1 syn)

L: Salad made with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber with Ex olive oil (HEB), feta (HEA) and chicken

D:3 sausages (3 syns)
baked beans
mushrooms, broccoli and curly kale

snack: grapefruit.

how does this sound guys? xx

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