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Neonic's Dukan Diary


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I know I've spoken to quite a few of you on the forum already but I thought that after two weeks it was time to start a diary and introduce myself properly.

Hi, I'm Nichola, im 29 and I'm a serial dieter. Until now hopefully.

A little bit about me.......... As it says above I'm 29 (for the next 3 weeks anyway). I work in retail in a well known popular clothing/home/food store. I work as a customer assistant so spend a lot of time on my feet and I also do the staff training. I'm moving to a new house in 3 weeks. I have a house rabbit....... and that's about it. I first dieted when I was 16 and have tried most of the well known diets out there. Had a pretty rubbish start to the year and found it hard to lose weight with everything that was going on. It's all over now though and I'm starting a new chapter in my life and I'm am really focused on Dukan. I have been completely on track for 2 weeks and I plan on following through with all 4 phases although I may have a bit of a wobble over my birthday.

I have to say I'm really enjoying the diet. I have found I'm trying a lot of new foods especially different types of fish. I have also discovered that cold showers aren't all that bad once you get over the initial shock.

Hope to speak to you all as we work towards our goal.
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S: 12st2.4lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 1st1.4lb(9.04%)
I am very proud of myself this weekend. I have resisted temptation and didn't turn to food at times when I usually would have.

On friday evening I went to the pub with some friends who were moving away on Saturday, I stuck to diet coke. This was tough as my friend and I always drink wine together and it was my first trip to the pub since starting Dukan.
Saturday was fine, I had the day off work, had a lovely lunch of mackerel salad and tea was smoked haddock on a bed of cabbage and leeks topped with poached eggs. Lovely. Had Jelly and Ice cream (using my new ice cream maker) for dessert. I will be having that again!!
This morning was another test. I had to text my ex (we broke up almost 3 months ago after nearly 5 years) to ask him to bring my house keys back before I move and pick up some of his stuff, he replied telling me he was miserable, was worried about me, was thinking about me, he loved me etc etc. Needless to say I sat and cried for about an hour. Could easily have eaten rubbish and washed it down with a bottle of wine. But instead I went up for a hot shower (followed by 2 minutes of cold), then came down and made myself smoked haddock with poached eggs. I felt so much better after the shower and was so proud of myself for not turning to food for comfort.
Tonight I went out with people from work. We had a skittles night. I wasn't driving but also wasn't drinking. When I arrived everyone was trying to persuade me to have a drink, but I ordered myself a diet coke. I am SO SO SO SO SO VERY proud of myself.

I think I have proved to myself that I can do it so I just have to make sure I continue being strong.


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Well done! You should indeed be proud of yourself! Not only was that diet food but good for you too. I hope your friends were impressed .


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Hi Nichola, nice to "meet" my cold shower buddy! Well done for your resistance and willpower this weekend, you have really set the bar high for us to follow your example! Let us know how you are getting on - with determination like that, I am sure you will have a really successful time with Dukan!


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S: 12st2.4lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 1st1.4lb(9.04%)
Well today has been another trying day.

Had a phone call from my mum after work to tell me she had to take my dog to the vets to be put to sleep. Cue lots more crying. He was very old and we knew we would have to do it soon but it really wasn't what I was expecting today. She explained that she popped out for an hour and when she got home he was lying in his own mess. The vet told mum his heart was very weak and he passed when he was given the anaesthetic as he was so weak.
I really could've devoured a huge bar of fruit and nut and a bottle of wine and maybe some ice cream. Instead, my house mate and I went out for tea. We went to a Toby Carvery and I had turkey with cabbage, leaks, carrots and broccoli. I ignored the cauliflower cheese, the roasties, the yorkies, the stuffing, everything. I'm hoping there was nothing added to any of the veg or the turkey. The didn't taste like anything had been added so I really hope it was all ok. I kept staring at the dessert menu but I resisted and instead I came home and make some frozen yogurt in my ice cream maker. I've had too much dairy today, but I think I did ok considering the circumstances.

I'm hoping the rest of the week goes better than the last two days. I'm hoping there's not much else that can happen to tempt me further.


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So sorry to hear about your dog but well done for holding it together all things considered ((hugs))

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The last 2 days have been much better. I have continued to stick to plan.

Yesterdays highlight was my tea. Home made burgers smothered in Ladymahayla's BBQ sauce. It was lovely. I will definitely be making it again.

Weighed in this morning at 10st 9.2lb. I was very chuffed with this as it means I've lost 8lb since I restarted. Only 1st 1lb to go.

Very proud of myself today. I turned down an all you can eat Chinese (my favourite) and asked my friend if we could go to a beefeater or a harvester instead. We opted for the beefeater and I drove instead of drinking. I had prawn cocktail, without the sauce and bread. Followed by steak and salad with no dressing. I didn't realise there would be crispy onion bits on the salad so when it came I picked as much as was possible off the salad, think I got most of it. Really enjoyed my meal and strangely I wasn't in the least bit tempted to pinch one of my friends chips. Wasn't tempted by dessert either, had a lovely cup of tea instead.


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S: 12st2.4lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 1st1.4lb(9.04%)
Haven't posted for a few days, I've been busy packing for my move. I haven't gone off plan. I have however tried to cut back on my mullers and fizzy drinks. Unfortunately as I'm not much of a dairy lover this means that the only dairy I'm having is the milk in my oat bran porridge so today I decided to start eating them again.

I've been feeling really heavy for the last 2-3 days. I haven't lost any weight for 4 days which is fine and when I weighed this morning it showed a 1.5lb gain but that's ok as yesterday was PV although it's the first time the scales have gone up, they usually stay the same after a PV day.

So today I plan to up my fluid intake, lots of water and tea plus a few pepsi max's.

Breakfast was oat bran with toffee muller light.

Lunch will be either mackerel or smoked haddock with poached egg

Tea will be steak with prawns.

I'm working a through the night shift tonight so I'm trying to eat my meals later than usual so im not tempted to pick on sweets during the night.


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S: 12st2.4lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 1st1.4lb(9.04%)
Been feeling really sick today. The only thing I've done differently is that I didn't have porridge for breakfast. I had my oatbran mixed into a yogurt instead so I doubt it's that.

Sitting here sipping on a bottle of water hoping it'll make me feel ok enough for my tea.

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Hi Neonic, how are you feeling today?
Better, I hope.
Take care xx :heartpump:


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Just got home from work. Feeling much better now, thank you for asking, but I think it may be the pepsi max that's making me feel sick. I'm not going to have any today and I'll see how I feel.

Managed to resist the table full of sweets and lollies that were offer in work last night and only ate my Dukan friendly food that I took with me.
Stopped in at tesco on my way home, picked up some goji berries to try but haven't decided how, or rather what I'm going to try them with first. Just need to find wheat bran now too.


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S: 12st2.4lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 1st1.4lb(9.04%)
I tried the goji berries in my porridge when I got up this afternoon. I put them in before I microwaved it and they came out squidgy. I really enjoyed it.

Just had a lovely tea too. Had left over quorn bolognaise from the other day, as it had been in the fridge the flavours were so much nicer. I had this with butternut squash chips and it was lovely. Not at all diet like. I've got some mint ice-cream (well yogurt) in the ice-cream maker at the minute too. Never tried it before, usually just stick a couple of mullers in but fancied something different. Really hope it works as I love mint ice-cream.


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S: 12st2.4lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 1st1.4lb(9.04%)
Well I haven't had pepsi max for 2 days now and haven't felt sick either so I'm guessing they must have been the cause. Strange considering I loved pepsi max before starting on dukan. They did start to taste funny though so I'm guessing I don't need as much sweet stuff now.
My mint ice cream worked but as there were no choc chips in it, it was a bit too minty. Felt like I was eating peppermint creams. So I didn't eat much of it. Will try another flavour next time. Need to find a different sweetener too as I only use cheapy tesco stuff and I don't think it holds it's flavour very well when frozen.

Fish and chips for tea tonight. Butternut squash chips that is. Made them for the first time the other day and I loved them.


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Sounds like you're doing really well, and keeping a social life going too. Well done!


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S: 12st2.4lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 1st1.4lb(9.04%)
Thanks Jo and Claire. And yes, I'm loving butternut squash. Need to make sure I don't have it too often though or I'll get fed up with it.

Wasn't very organised this morning so only managed to grab a pack of prawns to take to work. I usually take eggs aswell to make scrambled eggs. (work does have a food department but I'm trying not to spend any money) didn't manage all the prawns as was a bit fed up with them after a while. Had a can of pepsi max today. Thought I would test to see if it made me feel ill or not and luckily it didn't. Think I'll just have one every now and again.

Tonight I made ice cream, well, frozen yogurt again and it was my best attempt so far. I bought splenda instead of tesco's own sweetener though so it may have been that. I will definitely be trying it again.

Off to my parents house at the weekend which will be a challenge. My mum is doing lighter life so she'll be ok but my dad likes to make food for me. I'm going to do two PV days and I'll take some turkey bacon up so I can join him for a cooked breakfast. Sunday lunch won't be a problem, as I don't do gravy anyway and I can just not have potatoes. Think I'll suggest steak and salad for Saturday evening then he can have chips with his. I really want to stick to plan as it's my 30th birthday on the 4th and I know there will be a few meals out over the week and some alcohol consumed as I'm having a night out followed by a house party with my friends. I'll allow myself a couple of birthday treats but will stick to dukan food most of the time.


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S: 12st2.4lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 1st1.4lb(9.04%)

Incase you hadn't guessed I've stalled. I've been the same weight for over a week. Was just going to wait but think I'm going to cut back my mullers. I don't think I could cut them out completely so I'll aim for just one. Doesn't help that I feel as though I need 'a good clear out', but nothing seems to be working.

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