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Never set your heart on a house....

Oh Mike, that's so disappointing :(

My brother has just sold his, and is waiting to complete on a new place so back mith my parents in the mean time. He's finding the solicitors etc are stalling so worrying about exactly the same thing.

Hope you haven't lost any money on searches etc on it...and that you'll find somewhere else you'll all like soon

K xxx
aww sorry to hear about your loss Mike, but dont be disheartened I am sure there is a better house out there for you.
Some things happen for a reason.

Chin up, I am sure you will find something great once you have sold your own.

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Just found out the house we wanted to buy has sold :mad:

We couldn't sell ours quick enough to have lost it....

Don't like any other ones....

In a mood!!

Erm? Aren't you the official weight-loss-cheerleader-bloke? :D
You're not supposed to be glum - despite the tt debacle, having to opt out of the run and losing your dream home...
What's the old saying? "What's for you won't go by you" I think.
Or as my would-have-been-surgeon told me in May when I couldn't answer back in ICU cos of the ventilator tube still down my throat: "look on the bright side - you're alive". :rolleyes::cool:
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Awwww Mike im sure this has happened for a reason, I bet there is your perfect house waiting for you just around the corner......!
Not much consolation I know but im sure it will work out for the best
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I know how you feel Mike, we lost out on 5 houses before eventually buying this one. I didn't really want this one 'cos it needed too much work doing, but we needed to move quickly as ours was already sold.

Anyway, I'm glad we bought this one now cos it's so quiet here and I know the house will look lovely once all the work is complete. I've also go no intention of ever moving again - unless I win the lottery that is! lol;):D
"look on the bright side - you're alive". :rolleyes::cool:
LMAO! Well that made me smile

Not the end of the world I know but this house had a seperate one bed annexe which would have the perfect Cambridge office as it had a waiting room, kitchen etc.

Anyway !!

Not to worry......


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I know it seemed ideal and nothing else will match up, but I am great believer in fate and what is meant to be will be. I am sure in the future, you will look back and be grateful this one fell through as you have something much better :)
You will find another house I'm sure Mike, we fell in love with 3 houses before we found "ours" and all the others, which had seemed so right before just paled into insignificance.
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Geez that's annoying for you Mike ~ hope you find what your looking for again soon. A seperate annex for Cambridge sounds like a plan ~ you sound right business like :)

I've moved house more times then I wish to remember, part and parcel of life when OH was in the RAF, am glad I'm more settled now as I hate the whole process of moving.

Mind you with the impending change in my domestic circumstances, wish now that I'd got a bigger place, so when son and gf move in we could give each other more space (Aargh).

C'est la vie ~ good luck with your house-hunting.