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  1. chunkychicken

    chunkychicken Full Member

    I just made my usual morning pack of vanilla and coffee latte

    It was totally different to normal. For starters there appeared to be more powder in the packet and it smelt different (much more cream soda like than before). Then I added the water and a couple of swishes of my whisk (balloon whisk) later - all mixed in, no lumps and frothy to boot.It tastes gorgeous.

    I vaguely remember someone telling me that they were going to update the vanilla and another pack (can't remember now) to the same formulation as the banana and strawberry packs to make them easier to mix. Well I have to say, if that is what has happened - I am a BIG fan! I usually spend ages mixing and mixing the vanilla one in particular and then always have to leave the last few mouthfuls which are infested with horrible lumps.

    There is definately a different taste to this too and the consistency is very similar to the banana pack.

    I order loads of Vanilla - have a hot coffee latte in the morning and an iced latte late afternoon - I hope all the packs I got this week are the new ones or I will be sorely dissapointed. Funny the LLC said nothing. Perhaps she didn't know. Anyone else come accross a new one yet?

    Any news on the new bars - weren't they supposed to be due out soon?
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  3. pbfhpunk

    pbfhpunk Full Member

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    sounds very nice!

    I love the vanilla shake especially mixed with the chocolate one! I did make a kinda dessert the other night - got a great tip from the girls in my development group - crumbled a nut crunch bar into the bottom of 2 little dishes and then mixed a vanilla shake fairly thickly and poured that over the top splitting it between the two dishes, then into the freezer and when I took it out I razzed it int he microwave for a few seconds just so I could get the spoon in! was interesting!! think I left a few lumps in the shakes so will be good to use the new one!
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  4. Helen

    Helen Full Member

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    I know that the vanilla was the next one to be "revamped" but didn't know when it was available. I have been told the new bars are available in September, not sure when but have a feeling its the end of the month rather than the beginning:(

    ChunkyChicken, I would be interested to know how you make your lattes - everytime I have tried something different it has tasted horrible but I am really missing milky coffee so any instructions would be very useful!
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  5. SandraEG

    SandraEG Full Member

    Lighter Life
    We had a trial of the new vanilla a couple of months ago and we all thought it was like liquid ice cream. Yum! It's made by the same people who make the banana and strawberry and our LLC said they were going to gradually swap all the flavours to the new producer.

    Unfortunately I haven't been able to buy any new vanilla yet as my LLC is on hols.
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  6. chunkychicken

    chunkychicken Full Member

    Yep Sandra - that is what this one smelt / tasted of.

    Helen - to make the latte (although it is definately a vanilla latte and not a milky coffee) I put boiling water in a large mug about 1/4 of the cup, add the whole vanilla pack and then whisk until I have got it as smooth as I can. Then top up with hot water and whisk again until all lumps have gone. Then add a teaspoon of instant coffee and 4 sweetners. It is lovely.

    Punk - I also make cheesecakes with the nut crunch and vanilla packs. Crumble nut crunch into bottom of a bowl, add a little water and press down to hold it together. Then I make a vanilla pack up to thick custard consistency and add a spoonful of st clements - pour the topping onto the base and freeze for 30 to 40 mins. You can still get your spoon through but the topping is firm

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  7. whatsnewpussycat

    whatsnewpussycat Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Ooh that cheesecake recipe sounds delicious. That'll be my breakfast and lunch tomorrow sorted then. :)
  8. chunkychicken

    chunkychicken Full Member

    Just an update - you can tell the new vanilla packs from the old ones from the weight of the pack. The old packs weigh 32g whereas the new packs are marked on the pack as weighing 34g.
    Aren't I sad that I noticed that - I officially have no life
  9. Madam Mimm

    Madam Mimm Full Member

    Mmmmmmm - The cheesecake sounds totally yummy! Just one thing though, my counsellor told my group that you should drink the shakes within 15 minutes of making them, otherwise they start to lose the vitamins etc. Does freezing them prevent this then?
  10. chunkychicken

    chunkychicken Full Member

    I don't know for sure Mimm, I went with the assumption (however scientific) that if freezing peas straight after picking keeps in the nutrients - then freezing the packs may work the same way?????
    Hopefully someone more scientifically minded could answer with more confidence?
  11. iceycold

    iceycold Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Hi Chunky chicken,
    Thanks for the tip, asked for the new vanilla last night, my LLC hadn't had her delivery yet, but parted with her sample FOC
  12. Eileen

    Eileen likes posting.

    Slimming world.
    I must be the only one that doesnt like the new vinilla! Its too sweet!! Im stuck now as i dont like the other flavers much either.
  13. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    Just tried the new vanilla. Hated the old one, but asked my LLC if she had the new one, and yippee!!! She did!!

    I had one this am for breakfast & it was lovely. I only got 2 this week as wasnt sure of it, but will maybe try for a pop-in to change some packs over.

    I am going to split my next pack and try it with coffee, like a sweet latte....mmmmm
  14. Tiger Girl

    Tiger Girl Full Member

    Eileen - I'm also not a fan of the new vanilla so you're not alone!! I find it doesn't have enough taste and is a weird creamy nothing type flavour. All I eat just now are the chocs and vanilla so this is not good for me!!

    My main issue is why bother revamping the current teeny selection of flavours? Why can't we have NEW flavours? The packs are what they are, no more no less, so please please please LL do the right thing and give us more selection! I'd forgotton all about the new bars, not sure when they're coming but September would be great if that's the date.
  15. Eileen

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    Slimming world.
    Tiger im glad its not just me, i had too take all my packs back yesterday, ive got choclate.
  16. Peridot

    Peridot Peridot

    Just had my first new vanilla today - consistency is totally different. I tend to use mine with coffee to make a "vanilla latte" (if you've never tasted vanilla latte!!) and it was oddly thick.

    Has anyone had it as a milkshake? I had the old vanilla one as a shake - admittedly by mistake as I thought it was banana! - and thought it was beyond foul. How does the new vanilla compare? Is it (she says hopefully) like a McDonalds vanilla milkshake? Ish?
  17. SandraEG

    SandraEG Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Personally I can't get enough of the new vanilla - but then I have always been a fan of sweet creamy flavours.

    Sorry Peridot - I have no idea what McDonald's Vanilla shakes were like. To me the new vanilla is a bit like melted vanilla ice cream (a budget one - not one those gourmet vanilla pod ones). I thought it would probably work well as a latte but I'm too scared to try as adding coffee to the old vanilla made me gag.

    TG - I'm the opposite of you and would go and get more of them if I could. Mind you - my next meeting is Tuesday so that is not far off. I'll be getting loads of vanilla.
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  19. Atlanta

    Atlanta Member

    LighterLife Management
    Yes, the new vanilla is here - we are having the formulations of the packs changed so that they mix better. We are in the middle of the changeover at the moment, so if anyone loves the old vanilla, now is the time to buy up some spares from your counsellor.

    However, when we did the side by side tests with as many clients as we could, 90% liked the new flavour much better!
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  20. chunkychicken

    chunkychicken Full Member

    Hi Atlanta

    Which flavour is next to be updated ? do you know? I hope it is the chocolate - it is really hard work to get all the lumps out (particularly when you mix it hot)
    Any sign of the new bars on the horizon?
  21. Atlanta

    Atlanta Member

    LighterLife Management
    We will definitely be updating the chocolate to the new easier mixing fomulation as soon as we can do it and keep the client preferred taste!

    Re new bars, I am told they are definitely coming, and I expect them before the end of the year.
  22. Peridot

    Peridot Peridot

    Hear, hear, chunky chicken. I find the chocolate packs the thinnest and yet lumpiest too (even when blitzed mercilessly in a high speed blender). Very glad to hear that they're going to thicken up.
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