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new gal....need help with SWorld!!

Hi all...just happened to come accross this site whilst googling to find out how many syns there are in Super Noodles! After reading some of your posts i thought i gotta join coz you all give so much support! have jsut started slimming world..have book but cant get to a class as work long hours. i cant get my head around the green day! please help...today i had porridge for brekie with semi-skimmed milk (UHT) ...dinner was supernoodles and tonight wil be pasta with tinned tomatoes.....does that sound ok??? i mean i wil be eating a HUGE plateful of pasta...im soo hungry today...surely this cant be right? Im 5ft 4 and 11stone and would love to get down to 10....please ..any support or hints would be amazing!! thanks ! Francesca x
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Hi Francesca, the fat free Super Noodles are free but the normal ones have Syns. Fill up on fruit for snacks on green and don't forget you can make your own chips for free and eggs are also free. There is so much you can have you should never be hungry! Good luck with it x
Loads are free on green days, I personally find this the easiest day to follow.
Baked beans are free, spagetti, very low fat cottage cheese, most pastan sauces etc.

Buy the magazine every month, and if you visit ebay there are sellers that sell these mags in bundles.

Good luck with your weight loss. Im sure you will do just fine.

Ruthy xxx


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That's good advice Ruthy. If you can find a class that fits in with your work hours then I would advise going as you get loads more support there than going it alone and you will also get the weekly password for lifeline online which has a ton of useful information
Don't forget to eat your fruit and veggies as well honey, it is quite easy to loose weight on sw but not eat healthy :)

how many syns in the batchelor NON low fat noodles? 100g......i cant find it in my book...or does it come under pre-prepared noodles?? soory to be a pain..but im a bit lost. thanks all you stunning people xxxxxxxxQ!!!!!

What flavour did you have?

Batchelors Super Noodles, Chinese Chow Mein, made up as directed, dried 100g cooked[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
[/FONT] Original 9 Syns [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
[/FONT] Green 3½ Syns
ummm...oh dear...i ate 3 packs today..(was having a bad day lol).........but no other syns ...thats not going to work is it? thank you louise! x
Depends how big a pack is sweetie, don't beat yourself up about it, at least you know now. Try the low fat ones, you can hardly tell the difference. xx
Aww in that case don't worry at all. It's only 10.5 syns which is perfectly fine.... YAY!!
If you need any more help, let us know (and none of that hanging your head in shame) x
in that case...shall i go and eat another pack?? lol.(joke). thanks im finding this hard as am only just getting to my 6 weeks of non smoking...i am quite literally all over the place..its not much fun battling weight as well. to be honest its blinking awful!
If super noodles are only that per pack....would i be able to eat them at dinner and then jsut my pasta and tomatoes at night..and really STILL lose weight? im sorry im going on...was always told not to eat all the pasta as id get fat and now i am..i now cant understand ho i canm eat it and its free on a green day....arrrgghhhhh!!! scuse me while i throw a banana at the wall....

ps cheers louise xx

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Hi there Francesca, well done for giving up smoking, I gave up 8 months ago and loaded myself up with 2 stones of excess weight thats why i am now doing sw, there is no way i could have tried to lose weight only six weeks into giving up! Good on you. The sw diet is amazing, you think to yourself i can't possibly eat all that and still lose weight! but we do, lol my advice to you would be to try to fill up on free food before reaching to the syns though, all the best Jax
thanks Jax!!! ok ok ...il leave the noodles til its desperandum time......well done you on giving up..how hard!! Im on ptaches and have only nearly killed my man...lets say about 25 times?? lol xxx
Francesa.... all I can say is.. you have to try it to believe. I live off potatoes / pasta / noodles etc and can easily lose lots of weight. SW is a FANTASTIC diet, it works but I'm still not sure how.
Well done on the smoking, looks like you are on your way to a "whole new you".
As for supernoodles.... buy the low fat ones and you can eat them until they come out of your ears!!! (and still have 5 - 15 syns to spend on chocolate) mmm. xx


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If you want to eat loads of Super Noodles go and get the low fat ones as they are free and you can eat them all day. Otherwise you will have to limit them and count them as Syns but as long as you stay withing your allocation of Syns then yes you will lose weight

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