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New pics *Updated 26/11


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Feeling a bit down today as despite being really good all week I stayed the same... boooo so thought I would try and keep myself motivated by looking at a pic from when I started until now.

1st pic is from the 25th of May and 2nd pic is today... Im actually wearing skinny jeans! haha

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And face pic, cant find any of before... I think the double chin stopped me from ever taking any!!



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Thank you both! Still a long way to go, not even half way yet but Im getting there!
OMG!!! well done hun!!!
Looking at these pics are a real inspiration to me :)
It just shows i CAN do it just like you have done it!!!! :D x

Good luck with the rest of your journey x


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Thank you both!

Zoe, I failed so many diets before this one, really thought I would never ever lose the weight, started to think there was some medical reason, but there wasnt it was just me eating so badly without even realizing how badly I was eating!

Im hoping I'll be 12 stone by Christmas, I was 16 stone last christmas!

I recommend to everyone to take pics, even if you dont want to show other people, it gives you something to remind you why your doing it, last diets I failed because I used to think whats the point, nothing is happening! But seeing the pics from when I first started makes me positive that I will never ever get that size again!


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Thank you Awaken Me and Aliben!

I think once I get another 2 and a half stone gone I will finally start to feel happier with how I look.


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you've done really well hun :)


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Thank youuu :)


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Thank you Ms Muppet!
I hope you don't mind me crashing your thread I just wanted to say, wow, you look fantastic, such an inspiration, the pics on here have really helped me realise that I CAN do it!


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Thank you Flutterby!

Its crazy to think that 5 months ago I was looking at other peoples pics thinking "i wish I could lose like they have..." but now other people think my pics are inspirational hehe.

Im on Exante now so its very possible that within another 5 months I could be at target! Cant wait to post those pics!
Looking great so far, keep up the good work!

My start point and current weight are very similar to yours - I can't believe how much difference it makes on a daily basis.
Well look at you! That must be such a boost to see such a difference! You're doing so well, don't worry about staying the same, it's still less than you were in the beginning!

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