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Discussion in 'Exante' started by gillybobs123, 18 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. gillybobs123

    gillybobs123 Member

    :) Hi I started on Tuesday just thought id say hi

    struggling tonight as I really fancy a G&T will be worth it in the end tho. Would love to hear from other people in same position to keep me going
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  3. and

    and Silver Member

    A lot of people find the first few days hard.

    Once you get into the swing of it it's really easy.

    I've only lost about 8lbs in 3 weeks (don't worry I am particularly unusual) and I feel much better.

  4. nessie25

    nessie25 Member

    Hi gilly!

    I started yesterday and just keep telling myself this is just for a wee while......
    Just wish it wasn't so hard but think it's meant to get better after the first week!!
  5. dietgal2014

    dietgal2014 Full Member

    Hi Gilly and Nessie

    I started today and so far so good. So much to lose so looking at very short term goals...first was just getting through Day1!! Next goal...getting through Day 2 and then into ketosis.

    Good luck and hope to see you here again
  6. Lucylou82

    Lucylou82 Member

    Hi there!! This is my first post but just wanted to say I've been on exante three weeks now and it really is amazing!! I've lost nearly two stone in that time... The weight is just falling off! I'm doing TS.... Even though I haven't been posting on here I have been looking at all the before and after pics and it really helps to motivate you! The first week you will feel rubbish but it gets so much easier... Good luck to you :)
  7. nessie25

    nessie25 Member

    Aw Im so glad to hear your getting on well Lucylou!!! it really does keep you motivated when you hear things like 2 stone in 3 weeks!!!! Im only doing 2 weeks ts to prepare for a friends wedding then hopefully will avoid carbs for a bit and get back on it!!!
  8. dietgal2014

    dietgal2014 Full Member

    That's amazing lucylou.

    If I can lose just half that I will be ecstatic. How are you feeling physically? On day 2 & am feeling the hunger pangs starting to bite. Wonder when it will start getting a bit easier?
  9. Lucylou82

    Lucylou82 Member

    Most of the time feeling great!! Work keeps me busy and my mind off food... Not hungry at all but miss the emotional side of food!!! Saturdays I find the hardest... My day off!! Being with kids and the other half all eating is difficult but I take myself into the garden. To be honest I ate sooo much before and all the wrong things that's probably why I've lost so much. I felt really poorly on day six when I didn't have my lunch shake till 6pm as wasn't organised... But now I make sure I have all my shakes at set times and that's helping!! Good luck with your journey!! :) it's tough at first but when you start seeing that clothes are looser and people start saying how great you are looking you will wonder why you never did it before! Life's to short to be fat and unhappy!!!!
  10. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    The first few days are the worst but stick with it and it will be worth it - best of luck :)
  11. gillybobs123

    gillybobs123 Member

    I found the end of last week pretty hard feeling a bit sorry for myself but stuck with it & been doing great since then. No hunger at at all & loads of energy :0) it's my 2 nd weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed
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