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new sw xmas cook book

I had a quick peek after class last night, looked really good to me! I'm getting it next week with my 12-week countdown. Lots of traditional looking recipies with a sw twist! Not bad for a freebie I reckon :) xxx


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i had a quick look last night, some really nice things in there.
there was a baileys cheesecake that caught my eye, and from memory it wasn't too highly synned.
will get it closer to christmas, i get stupidly excited about christmas as it is without thinking about food :)
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It does look really good, I'm going to get it with a countdown next week too.

I do think sw books are very reasonably priced though, I think it's only £4.95ish?


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I had a good look through one of the books last night - lots of good recipes in there - mince pies, christmas pud, christmas cake, stuffing & all the trimmings. Loads of others in there as well as like a game terrine, posh looking fruit jellies, a xmas pud ice cream, chocolate truffles (these looked well yum). From the quick flick through it's definately one of their best recipe books yet (imho) :)
I'm so glad I didn't renew my countdown last night before we were told about the book!
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Ooo that sounds good will get it is it available already in meetings? Got mine tomorrow?


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Thanks for the replies, definitely looking forward to getting my now then :D

Yes its available so you should be able to get it, i'm just waiting to get mine as a freebie.
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As i have only just rejoined sw i'm not familiar with this countdown thingy, i don't remember it when i was last there. Can someone enlighten me please.


is getting better at it
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a countdown is where you pay up front for your classes, you can get either a 12 week or a 6 week, have a look on the sw website and it will telll you more about it
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could i get this book somewhere else? i dont know go class nemore as cant afford it
Me too, would love to get the book. Posssibly not an option, but is there anyone here who attends meetings, that could purchase for others, obviously having received payment first.
Marian x
With the countdown, if you buy a 6 week countdown, you only pay for 5 weeks, if you buy a 12 week you only pay for 10 weeks. Bear in mind that the book is only available with a 12 week countdown and you do have to pay for the weeks up front. However, it's a bargain, two weeks free and the Xmas cookbook!! Can't wait to get mine next week
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We were told this week that you get the book free with a 12 week countdown next week, but you can also put in an order to buy it (£4.95).

I am tempted to go to a couple more meetings to get one, I had a look through and it has some fantastic recipes in it.


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ive never bought a countdown before but when C told us that the book was free with a countdown of 12 weeks - I thought that I might as well go for it and save £15 in the process - the recipes do look good.


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Got hubby to buy the Christmas cook book at club this evening, looks like there are some yummy recipes in there :)

also got a pack of mince pie Hi-fi bars, so will try one later :)


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Sorry to jump in, but is it possible to buy this cookbook without being a member of a group? I do SW from home and I'm lookinf for some low syn festive ideas! :) xx
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Will defo buy this cookbook tonight when i go for weigh in
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does anyone know if they take card payments for the countdowns? Or do I need to draw the cash out en route?? I've never bought one before but I decided to get one when Di said you get the free book (plus it will make me keep going to class!)

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