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New to Pro Points - Really confused!!

Hi all

i'm new to this, i keep failing to achieve my weight loss ambitions.

over and abive what i want is a normal relationship with food, when i think i cant have something my mind goes mental, so although i know i can lose weight on meal replacements or low carb easily, i cant sustain it as i go a bit bonkers.

So i thought pro points was a wise choice... what im finding tough is knowing what are good and natural choices which will maximise my points, and also what to have for breakfasts...

im happy to lose 2 pounds a week, but it would be nice to do it without freaking out!

thankyou x
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I totally understand about the issues with foods, I am exactly the same but I have decided that this is not a diet but a new way of life and there is absolutely nothing to eat I can't have as long as I point it properly!! I had my 4th weigh in today and have lost 9lbs so far and I have never felt deprived once!!

Have a look at my food diary: slummy to yummy mummy and you'll see I eat ALOT!! Other peoples diaries are also helpful!

Can't really help with breakfast tho, I don't have mine until 9.30ish when I get into work and usually just have a coffee, cereal bar and some fruit!!

Hope that helps a little!x
thankyou so much for the reply, i was beginning to think no one would!

the breakfast thing... i went to Asda earlier and bought natural yoghurt and some frozen fruits, and bananas... im thinking smoothies?!

i work from home or out in my car on the road so need to make sure its multi purpose!

i also got some porridge.. as i love it and havent had it for months!
I try to eat healthily, but cos im thinking of this as a change of lifestyle rather than a diet, its not realistic for me to say, "oh im eating salads, wholegrains,fruits,veggies etc.

So i try to pick healthy choices, but tonight ive had a twirl lol and will prob have a little chocolate everyday. Oh and i eat loads too !
It is all about variet and fitting in the things you want.
The other week I really fancied a proper pie, so I looked up the poitns and then fitted the rest of my days food around that,for example.

I try to have a different brekkie every day so I might have some thing cooked, like egg on toast or bacon and egg. Sometimes I have cereal and fruit or fruit and yogurt or a cereal bar with it.

It really is anything goes.

Best of luck- I used to be like you, soon as I was on a 'diet' I would feel deprived and end up binging-then last year I read a book about overcomming overeating and it really has changed my relationship with food. Yes I had to give up dieting and gained over a stone in the last year but it actually was worth it. I have come back to dieting again now but with a totally different outlook and havent binged for over a year.
It can be done


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to keep feeling fuller for longer I eat oats so simple porridge, boiled or poached eggs & lots of tuna, crab & chicken.
You can now get the oats so simple in ready made tubs I think you just pop them in the microwave to warm them up & McDonalds also serve them!

I travel overseas with my job so always carry some fruit, chopped carrots & a box of the WW bars with me so that I have a little control over what i can eat.

When I'm not travelling I'm extra good to make up for the times when I have no control over what food is available.

I avoid bread at all costs as I don't lose any weight if I eat it.

I try to stick to high protein foods which are usually lower in PPs too but I always have a curly wurly every day as my treat.xx
to keep feeling fuller for longer I eat oats so simple porridge, boiled or poached eggs & lots of tuna, crab & chicken.

Wow that's some brekfast LOL:D


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Not all at one sitting!!!! :D ha ha ha

On different days! :giggle:xxx
oh i did post almost same thngy
either it has to bee deprivation n starvation diet or binge eating
so this time with ww my mind is not accepting to eat everythng within pp
You will find very quickly that you need to experiment with the weeklies. To begin with i was being 'good' and eating between 0 and 20 for the first 5 weeks, however when i up my weeklies to 30/35 i lose more. It took me a while to get my head around the whole 'more (points) is less (weight)' thing. I'm hoping for a good result this week as I've got to about 35 again.

Also, don't deprive yourself. I eat chocolate most days (if that's your thing) and i still eat most of the same meals i did before, just smaller portions balked out with veggies now.

Don't get down about 'slow' losses. Bodies can be funny things. For about 6 weeks i was losing half a pound or a pound each week and then last week i got a 4lb loss put of nowhere after dinner out and everything. Just remember, anything off is better than anything on and you will get there.

Let us know if you need any help.

Anj x
kelloggs cereal bars are great if your on the go and only 2pp each

also belvita breakfast biscuits .... 6pp for a pack of 4 :)

i tend to have these with tinned fruit, juice drained .... or if i know i need the points for other meals in the day i just have the fruit ! :)

.........i've never really been a breakfast eater so for me a tin of fruit is usually enough as its 0pp so not having something i need to count when i usually wouldn't have had breakfast anyway. lol
Like everyone has said the best way to approach WW PP is work to your lifestyle. I always aim to pick fruit for a snack first before reaching biscuits or crisps.

I will plan my meals first with my daily PP and if there are points after my meals they are what is left for pointed snacks.

As for breakfast I always try to have a smoothie - Strawberry & Banana with 200ml semi skimmed milk which is 3pp. I find this is a nice amount of points for breakfast and gives me a large amount of points for lunch/dinner. I normally have a 11-16 point meal dinner, as the dinners normally fit with the rest of the family.

Good luck
thankyou all for your encouragement, i think as i fill in my points thingy online it will be easier as stuff will be there already rather than searching, ive not felt hungry today at all so just snacked on fruit, yoghurt and a smoothie at lunch... gonna have some dinner in a mo!:p

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