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New to this...and made a huge mistake already...


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Hi - on my 1st week of LT and had a discussion with someone who is an atkins fan and she said ketosis is what the Atkins diet gets your body into..and a plain steak would get into ketosis faster as it is pure protein...

So I did have a steak, boring, plain not worth it without the peppercorn sauce and extras!! Having read lots of the forum - have I blown it for the week?? Am I wasting my time? What can I do??

All advice gratefully received!!
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you haven't blown it addy. just keep drinking the shakes. at least you didn't eat anything with carbs in so if u were already in ketosis you probably have stayed in. just forget about it and move on. good luck with your first WI. xx


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I agree with Vickie...you'll be fine. Just don't do it again LOL. You'll still get into ketosis (or stay in it), but when you eat you do not lose as quickly.

Stick with it hun and good luck for the week.


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Thanks everyone - this is my first week and I really need a decent weightloss to give me the boost to carry on. I don't mind putting the effort in and struggling for a while...but not when I only get a 1 or 2lb loss...which usually happens with other diets!! I have over 100lbs to lose so I am hoping for 10lb this week.

I am drinking 4 litres of water a day and have only had 1 shake and the steak today - so I will miss the other 2 shakes and drink extra water to compensate.

Thanks for your support and kind welcome!!

I would drop one shake as the steak would replace that but not sure dropping 2 is wise. I'm no expert but I'm sure someone will be along in a mo who can advise you better.

Good luck.



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Thanks Cuddlyfairy - I am not sure I could stomach any shakes at all....I feel quite rotten after eating the steak, I am not a real steak eater!!


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thing about LT you have a certain number of calories that you are taking in, only thing with the atkins is that you probs take on more calories, plus being on the atkins, you have to take other supplements for the rest of your vitamin intake. All you need with this is the shakes.