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  1. MissNana

    MissNana New Member

    Hello everyone :)
    As you can see from the tittle I'm new to this website, but also the diet. My products arrived this morning,7th of May and i am starting my diet on Monday!
    My dream:
    -I currently weight 209 lbs, my height is 5"9
    -I want to reach 155lbs or even lower. How long do you think its going to take me?
    I'll be glad to receive any tips from more experienced people.
    Looking forward to connect and share my experience with everyone!:D
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  3. yoyoagogo

    yoyoagogo Gold Member

    Hi miss nana and welcome! We are a friendly bunch so I'm sure you'll get lots of support! :)

    On average you should expect to lose 14lbs a month if you stick to it 100% so it should take you 4 months or so?

    Good luck!
  4. MissNana

    MissNana New Member

    Thank you for your reply and support!
    I think i didn't make it clear, I'm starting the Exante diet not any regular diet. Does that minimise the months ill have to diet for?Thank youu :)
  5. yoyoagogo

    yoyoagogo Gold Member

    Yes I was talking about exante hon :)
  6. Hi Miss Nana. Good luck with your exante journey. I started my vlcd on Tuesday but had a few old packs left from Cambridge so have been using them up. My box of exante goodies have arrived so imagine I will be tasting my first exante shake by this evening. Good luck with your journey xoxo
  7. Phat

    Phat Member

    I started today too. I have only had porridge so far, but it was nice and sweet and tasted like regular porridge, so all good :)

    I have never tried any other vlcd before, so hopping this will take me back to the 14 stone zone where I was this time last year ( :( ) which I did through calorie control.

    I have a big concert coming up in July and I simply cannot be 4 stone heavier than last year or I would die of embarrassment.

    Good luck everyone :)

    4 stone in 4 months sounds brilliant. Wish it was more though LOL but nothing is a miracle.
  8. SheridanLM91

    SheridanLM91 Criminology Student

    Welcome Miss Nana. Good luck with your diet! You can expect good losses with a VLCD. Typically, most people have a quite big loss in their first week then smaller losses in the subsequent weeks but it is still much more than on a regular diet :)

    Best advice is drink lots and lots of water as that makes a difference and any loss is a good loss! :)
  9. Striver

    Striver Full Member

    Good luck!
    As everyone else has said, drink loads.
    Oh and know where the nearest toilet is as drinking loads!
  10. Pixie2

    Pixie2 Member

    Hi Miss Nana - am in the same position as you, I started Exante last Monday (12th) and am steeling myself for my first weigh-in tomorrow! I have stuck to it 100% but have found some of the meals hard going, let me know how you get on? :D

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