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  1. Cheekypasterfield

    Cheekypasterfield Rather comfy here

    Hi all,

    I've had a look to see if there's any current Tuesday weigh in thread but can't find anything. So I thought it might be worth to start a New Year - New weekly weigh in thread. I found it excellent support to catch up with people who weigh on the same day :)

    You're welcome to post on here and I hope I'm not lonely ha ha

    So I started 30th Dec with a starting weight of 11st 1.4lbs and my goal is 9st 12lbs or there about.

    Good luck everyone xx
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  3. wendycroxs

    wendycroxs Silver Member

    Hi my wi on tuesday night I havent weighted since my last wi class which was the 17th dec so not looking forward to tuesday as I know I put on.
    I started ww the middle of august weighing 19st 3.5lbs and so far lost 4st 10.5lbs so im now 14st 7lbs but I still got another 4st to go xx
  4. Cheekypasterfield

    Cheekypasterfield Rather comfy here


    Yay two of us! You're weight loss is fabulous.

    Hope weigh in isn't too awful. I go to classes to support my friend but I use my own scales.

    Hope Tuesday gives you a loss or a sts x
  5. Hiya I'm here to join the weigh ins. X

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  6. Can I join please. My first weigh in tomorrow eeek! X
  7. wendycroxs

    wendycroxs Silver Member

    Thanks hun I live going to my class I feel it keeps me on track.
    Good luck for your weight loss hun xx
  8. wendycroxs

    wendycroxs Silver Member

    Of course you can join in hun welcome and goid luck on your weight loss journey xx
  9. Cheekypasterfield

    Cheekypasterfield Rather comfy here

    Morning all,

    Had my weigh in (I weigh at home) and im not a happy bunny.

    I'm showing as a stay the same! I can't believe it as I know earlier in the week i had lost (my stomach had flattened down) Now I'm back to being bloated and feel really uncomfortable. Just not fair :(
  10. No it's not fair it's horrible when it happens like that and especially on weighing day as well xx
  11. wendycroxs

    wendycroxs Silver Member

    Aww hun dont beat yourself up to much a sts is better than a put on but I do feel for you especially when the scales was saying earlier in the week you had lost and now your a sts how frustrating,
    You are doing so well hun dont get to disheartened we are here to support you and next week l think you will have a loss hun xx
  12. wendycroxs

    wendycroxs Silver Member

    5lb loss so happy 71.5lbs lost since august whoo was a shock xx
    Last edited: 8 January 2014
  13. Cheekypasterfield

    Cheekypasterfield Rather comfy here

    Oh wow!!!!! A massive congratulations! Whoop whoop lol xx
  14. wendycroxs

    wendycroxs Silver Member

    Thanks hun I was well shocked but really pleased with the result I'm even more motivated now to lose the rest of my weight im determined to get to goal in 2014 whoo xx
  15. Oh my goodness. Well done you, that's a fantastic loss!
  16. wendycroxs

    wendycroxs Silver Member

    Thanks hun im well happy with the result and I ate like a pig over xmas/new year xx
  17. wychweaver

    wychweaver Member

    Oh Hi

    I'm a Tuesday. I've just posted in another one i found but I'll post here too. My first official Tuesday weigh in isn't until next week so can't really post until then.

    i'm a real newbie to the forum but not to WW. 3-4 years ago I lost just over 3 stone.. but then I found a new man and re discovered cooking.. hey ho.. 4 stone back on !!

    I've never weighed as much as this.. even when I was pregnant!!!! :sigh: But I'll not be beaten. My new Man ( well I say new man we've been together 2 years now) bought me a flying lesson for Christmas. I have always wanted to fly a plane and I'm determined to be at least 2 stone lighter by the time I do it. I think It'll be late spring early summer.

    I "feel" like I'm doing really well and I guess tie will be my judge.

    Fabulous for those who have lost weight this week. i'm always spurred on by good news :)

    Take care all xx
  18. Cheekypasterfield

    Cheekypasterfield Rather comfy here

    Hello and welcome. Good luck and hope you have a good result x
  19. Mummy23boysxx

    Mummy23boysxx Member

    Hi, can I join you all please I weigh on Tuesday, I joined this week x
  20. wendycroxs

    wendycroxs Silver Member

    Yes cause you can hun and welcome and good luck xx
  21. Mummy23boysxx

    Mummy23boysxx Member

    Thanks, and good luck to you all x

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