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Newbie diary, am i doing it right?

My biggest attraction to WW is that i can still have chocolate aslong as i stick to point plus i have avoided loads of different foods that i use to enjoy as i thought they had too many calories but now i have this feeling of freedom and can eat whatever i want, aslong as stick to points :)

im on 19 points a day


Branflakes 1.5
Milk 2 (have 2 cups of tea during day)

Plain (New york) Bagel 3
Small tub of extra light philedelphi 1
WW Triple choc bar 1.5

3xQuorn bramley apple sausages 3
1x potato (Chipped, bolied then put in oven for 10min) 2
Heinz Baked Beans (3 tbsp) 2

another WW choc bar 1.5

Total points: 17.5

Have i counted the points right??
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Wedensday 21 april

I dont know if im doing this right :(

Large bowl of Alpen (original) 4
Milk (will have tea also) 2

2x WW crisps 2
WW chocolate bar 1.5

5x Quorn mini kiev 3.5
1x Potato (chipped, boiled and put in oven for 10min) 2
Baked beans (3 tbsp) 2
Broccoli 0

Later on:
WW Frozen choc pudding 3

Total Points: 19
Hi, yes your dairy looks good but are you weighing your cereal? muslei is 1.5pts for 30gms but you dont get much for that, apart from your food looks great :)
no ive not been weighing things :( might buy WW scales at next meeting actually.

ive always ate large bowls of cereal and know i have about 3x or 4x more than suggested but i always want seconds if i only have a small

going to try be a bit more experimental next week with my food, i always get stuck eating the same things over and over which becomes boring and prob why i never stick with a diet for more than a couple of weeks


Minimin Addict
You prob be suprised how many points you go over when you don't measure things, You don't get alot of cereal for 30g. Once you've got some scales you'll be well on your way, Asda have some glass top digi ones on sale at the moment. Good Luck x
just had a medium bowl of Alpen, damn cereral is just so tasty :(

I want to go shopping but there are work men in re-piping my boiler so finding it hard not to snack before lunch because im bored and cant go out
just had a bit of a binge :( ate a WW frozen choc ice brownie thing, packet of nestle clusters and a choc bar AHHHHH.....

i feel horrible, and its only lunch time!!

Oops! Are you feeling ok after your slip Sam?

If you don't want to weigh cereal, do you like Weetabix? 1 point each so you know exactly what you're putting in the bowl.
i wasnt feeling ok after binge, very disappointed in myself :( ive always had a problem with buying in any snacks because i tend to lose control and eat absolutely everything.

just been to asda and bought loads of WW meals, and a box of WW brownie bites. going to try have some self-control and only eat 1 a day.

First weigh in tommorow but think ive put on weight, was in Newcastle for weekend and was out for dinner and lunch and ate what ever i fancied:( my own fault really. New week fresh start, sticking to my points from now on.
Lost 2pound at first weigh-in but i know i could have done better. going to try fit in some exercise this week, startig with a jog around the loch this afternoon.

Bought kitchen scales (dont need bathroom scales i already have 2 sets) my usual bowl of bran flakes is around 150g so much for 30g, had Alpen this morning and i did weigh it but had 90g so calculated that as 5points including milk.

going to have a Weight Watchers Oval Pizza with home cooked chips and beans for my dinner, im working that out to be 7points??


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