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Newbie on New You

Hi, im new to MiniMins,and i am starting New You TRF tomorrow.Its my first time on a TFR, feeling a little nervous,but need to do this.Gave up cigarettes 5 months ago and have piled on the weight through non stop eating!!:( Tomorrow is the beginning of the new me and i would love support from anyone on a TFR, who can motivate and help me out with any tips they might have.Thanks in advance.:)
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hi jellbell

Congrats on starting your vlcd....

I dont know much about new you but i am a sure if you stick to your plan you will lose weight.....

Its a whole new journey for you........ so good luck and stick with it, once your over your first week you will be fine and you will see great results too :)

have a great first day :)


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Sorry for my ignorance, but what is 'TFR'?

I'm doing All About W8 - 14lbs off in 2 weeks and finding it really easy to stick to.

Hope you have great results with your diet. And well done you for stopping the fags :)

Val x
Val how many calories are the W8 per day?

Jellbell how are you doing? how are the new you products?
its same product as slim & save (my friend had a week from them around 3 weeks ago and she showed me her stuff its same as mine) but they are more expensive. they do 50 for £88 + £4 delivery so works out at £92 for 50 Slim & save do 56 for £74 with free delivery (my friend now switched to s&s)
Hi All
Well to cut along story short i didnt start yesterday :eek:....TOTM, so couldnt bare to start when not feeling to good.The plan is to start tomorrow morning.Today iv be drinking more water and trying to stay away for carbs!!OH thinks im mad and this will be another fad :mad:....not likely! (Men eh!) Im more determined than iv ever been about loosing weight this time.
So tomorrow im going to have a banana shake for breakfast, strawberry for lunch, a veg soup for dinner,lots of water, and a brighter outlook :D:D:D.

Well, day 1 nearly down...was'nt to bad at all.Had a vanilla shake for brekkie, very nice...and a veg soup for lunch, not to bad at all!Still have another pack to eat yet,but will wait till later.Drinking lots of water,and green tea.
Looking forward to day 2 :)
Hi, Day 3 today.Went to a family christening last night with OH and the kids.Had about 4 sparkling water.......everyone else drinking and eating :( On the way home stopped for takeaway for the kids.....I was amazingly ok,would have loved something but stuck to my guns even though everyone else eating.
Feeling very snappy for some reason.Im back to work tomorrow after a week hols so will be kept busy anyway.Cant wait for ketosis to kick in.
Will i know when im in it????????????????????????
Anyways today is All Ireland Sunday.....so were off to the pub to watch the match.......fizzy water here i come!!!!
Think il go get some of those Ketostix tomorrow when i go to town.Day 4 today.
Feeling tired and really cold for some reason.Runny nose too :(.
Had a choc shake for brekkie,heated it on the hob,needed something warm...and it was lovely :)Will have a warm soup for lunch and im gonna heat up a vanilla this eve.Just need some warm food!!!
Cant wait to see the scales on Friday, feel less bloated already,but clothes still feel the same.
Havent been to the loo (if you know what i mean)since i started on this,but i dont feel like i have to,is this normal????:eek:

Hi Jellbell - yes it's perfectly normal, but it is really important to keep up your water intake to make sure it doesn't become a problem. I drink a minimum of 3 litres a day, usually 4 and go every second day since being on this TFR.

Good luck for your first weigh-in, sounds as though you've got things sussed and adapting the plan to suit your needs.

Did you know that if you're desperate for something to actually chew, that you can make a really nice muffin out of the chocolate shakes :)

Val x
Hi Jellbell, I'm really enjoying your posts - Yes, fizzy water is the new Bacardi & Coke for me!!!!
I tremember on Lipotrim needing to get a fibre supplement but it has to be a non-digestible one -ask your TFR provider what they recommend maybe. Plenty of water should help too.
Must admit, I feel good today, probably the most energy I've had in months. I'm always afraid to get too optimistic though because it can change so quickly for me! POSITIVE THINKING though!!! Will weigh myself on Wednesday to see how I've done. :)
To make a muffin, you must mix your chocolate shake mix with 2 or 3 tablespoons of hot water until you get a really thick gloopy paste then blast it in the microwave for 40 seconds. I get best results using a small teacup, though you can use a small ramekin. If it's still a wee bit wet in the middle, just keep giving it 10 second bursts in the micro until it sets on top. Eat it right away. Also, remember to up your water intake to compensate for the water that is missing if you had had it as a shake.

If you're still having probs with the toilet, add psyllium husks to your shakes. They are non soluble and pass right through you so won't affect the weigh loss :)

Val x

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