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Newbie to DC!!!

Hello everyone :D

Just placed my order for the tasty looking DC food and should get my delivery on Friday....looking forward to starting it, it's took me 3 months to actually order :p but that's me done it now so thought I would check out this forum and get some support and a kick up the bum when needed :p I will return the favour of course ;).

So hope your all well and look forward to seeing how everyone is doing with the diet.... Good Luck xxx
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Oh just wondering....how do I get an avatar up or my picture I cant seem to do it :( im usually quite good at figuring these things out but this place has got me lol I cant even get in to look at my own profile :O

Can anyone help me please? :(

Hello! :D
It's great that you're gonna be starting DC, I'm sure you'll find the forum helpful and of course we'll be here to provide support... and bum kicks whenever you need them! :p
I started DC two weeks ago and to my surprise the food is really tasty; hopefully you'll like it too. The official DC website also have their own forum so if you haven't already, you could always check it out for some interesting info. :)

Regarding the avatar thing, just go to http://www.minimins.com/usercp.php in the top left hand corner, then on the left under 'Settings & Options' click on 'Edit Avatar'. The links for editing everything else are also there.

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and don't forget to keep us posted! x
Hi Diversity!

Thank you I will defo have a look on their website, the more support the better :D Really looking forward to getting it, doesnt seem to be much negatives on the food anyway they make it look so good on their website, felt myself drooling ;) need to keep an eye on my daughter!

I tried the avatar thing but it's just the same, wont let me change it :( do you think its cos i have just joined this site? Im dying to change it I feel like a right old plain jane :eek: :p

Hope your going well with it, chat soon xx
Yeah it looks yummy on their website... good job it tastes yummy too! :D
Hmm, the avatar should work... I think. Are you trying to upload it from a website URL or your computer?
well thing is it doesn't give me the option to do either :( when I go to edit avatar it comes up with no picture/avatar and says no avatar selected but there's no option to select one :confused: if that makes sense lol x
I had a little rumage through the tech posts :p and i'm sure I read newbies have to make 20 posts before being allowed an avatar......so this is my 20th post :D lets hope it works! Cant believe im excited about an avatar lol but I look boring without one :p

Thanks for your help :)

Still not working :( think I will give it time to catch up with me :p

Suppose I better get myself to bed then, good night all x
yeah its the first thing I tried when I logged in :p I was reading through the tech bit last night and apparently its 20 posts for an avatar and 50 to get into a profile and be able to send and recieve pm's....something like that I think :)

Well I started dieting (again) on Friday there so I will make my first weigh in this Friday :) I will likely start DC on Saturday depending on when I get my package on Friday. Ive been a good girl this week but its also nearly my TOTM so could go either way lol

How are you getting on with the diet?

Oh good luck with your WI on Friday! Will be crossing my fingers and toes for you. :p

I'm getting on well with it although I made a silly mistake of ordering about 30 soups and only 5 milkshakes for lunches, and now I'm getting fed up of soup lol. I was never a soup lover anyway so I don't know why I did that. :sigh: I will definitely not be making the same mistake when I order next time! The meals in general are really nice though, I was pretty surprised at how much I enjoy them. Let's hope you do too! :D
ah now that you mentioned it I think I have did the same thing lol I should really have paid more attention to ordering, there was just so much to choose from :) Loving the idea of microwaving :p I never have been much of a cook lol roll on Friday, really need to find something to keep me occupied until then.....its a nail biting game :p

Oh no, I guess it's soup galore for you too! :eek:
Yeah, it's much easier being able to microwave stuff and the size of the portions is a real eye opener; I didn't realise how much I was having before. :sign0007:

Did you order any of the tikka masala? That's a new one since I ordered and I'd love to know what it's like. :D
Thank you Jcjazzy :)

Yeah i got 5 of them lol i love masala my mouth is watering thinking of it :D

Is there any that you dont really like?

Mine too! I can't wait to try it. :D
There aren't any I'd say I really don't like, but I'm not overly keen on the chicken and beef casseroles so I'm not gonna order them next time. Unfortunately I have about 4 of each left. :(
The sausage casserole is a different story though, it's one of my (and apparently lots of other people's) favourite meals! Did you order any? :p

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