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Hippety Hop!
Hi Millie, Welcome to the forum.
Not actually doing the PP but my daughter is and she has been very successful with it.
Think you will find that ALL fruit is free, I'm sure someone will soon say otherwise if I have got that wrong.

Wish you all the very best for your successful journey....:)
All fresh fruit is free as is tinned fruit so long as its 'in juice' and you don't have the juice. The only exception i know off is tinned prunes, these cost 5pp per 1/2 tin. This is because prunes are in fact dried prunes and thus not the fruit in it's 'natural' form....
2 finger kit kat is 3pp according to my lovely app on my android xx
Hey and welcome:cool:, im pretty new to ww's too, started 2 weeks ago and ive lost 3.5lbs so far, how much are you hoping to loose? xxx
Hi claire want to lose 21 pounds lost one this week so at least it moving keep you posted
Well done on the loss :) i only lost 1nhalf in my first week ... if you can loose that everyweek youll loose that 21lbs in no time xxxxx
You need 20 posts to have an avatar ... xxxxx
Yeah just post loads on other ppls threads so you can have one :flirt2:
Hi claire first weigh in lost 2 really pleased x
WOW, Well done Millie :flirt2: that is amazing ... bet your feelin really proud now :cool:

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