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Nikki's 3rd time lucky diary!!!

Ok this is the 3rd time i have joined sw in the last couple of years, and this time I WILL stick with it!! I am fed up of losing and regaining the same few stones. I started again on tuesday.

Tuesday Green

Breakfast -- Porridge (heb) with skimmed milk (hea).

Snack -- Banana and apple

Lunch -- Baked potato with beans and salad. 1 pear.

Dinner -- Sausage casserole (6 syns) with rice,green beans and broccoli.

Supper -- Asda wholemeal pitta (heb) with cheese (hea) and salad. Shape yogurt.
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Wednesday EE

Breakfast -- 2 slices wholemeal toast (heb) 2 scrambled eggs.

Lunch -- Baked potato and beans with salad.

Snack -- Small bowl of spaghetti with tomato sauce (2 syns).

Dinner -- Chicken salad,with sw roasties, (1.5 syns) for some mayo.
Sugar free jelly (0.5 syns) with strawberries and anchor light squirty cream (3 syns).

Supper -- Mugshot.
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Thursday EE

Breakfast -- 2 slices wholemeal toast (heb) with beans.

Lunch -- 2 slices lean pork with gravy ( 2 sns),new potatoes, broccoli and carrots.
1 pear.

Snack -- Mugshot and 1 shape yogurt.

Dinner -- Chicken leg, pasta with tomato sauce ( 2 syns),parmesan (hea) ,broccoli and green beans.
1 pear and 1 peach.

Supper -- Sugar free jelly (0.5 syns), strawberries and squirty cream (3 syns).

Syns so far 20.5.
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Friday EE

Breakfast -- Banana

Lunch -- Had school dinner of fish in breadcrumbs,chips and peas, fried so not good. The fish was small, and i only had a small scoop of chips, there are no syns values for the brand of fish we use in school so will just have to guess. (20 syns) will hopefully cover it.

Snack -- 1 peach

Dinner -- Will be leek and mushroom risotto,with parmesan (hea) and a splash of white wine (1 syn). Broccoli and bns on the side.
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Saturday EE

Breakfast -- Had to make sandwiches as daughter had skating lessons at 7 am today,so were up at 5am!! Ate a ham sandwich at rink,followed by a shape yogurt and a banana.

Snack -- 1 peach and 1 alpen light bar (3 syns).

Lunch -- Baked potato with chicken and sweetcorn in light mayo (2 syns), and a salad.

Dinner -- Will update later but think we are having a chinese,so will choose carefully.I have used 46.5 syns so far.
Sunday 18th EE

Breakfast -- At ice rink again!! So another ham sandwich.

Snack -- Banana and Alpen light (half heb).

Lunch -- Ham and egg salad, fruit salad for afters.

Dinner -- Pasta with Philly xtra light (other half of heb),mushrooms, peas and parmesan (hea).
Sugar free jelly,strawberries and 2 squirts of cream (3 syns).
Monday 19th EE

Breakfast -- Half a boiled egg and 1 slice of ham.

Lunch -- Ham and egg salad with a baked potato and 1 tbsp of extra light salad cream (1 syn).

Dinner -- I have made a shepherds pie (1.5 syns) for my share of the gravy granules. Going to have it with peas,cauli and cabbage.

Supper -- Cheese on toast (hea +b), 2 finger kit kat (5.5 syns).

Swam 50 lengths of local pool tonight!!
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Tuesday 20th EE

Breakfast -- Banana and shape yogurt.

Lunch -- Shepherds pie (1.5 syns) left over from last nite with cauli and broccoli. Had a little gravy made from granules poured over the top (1 syn).

Dinner -- Will be Chicken,mushrooms,peppers and a little chilli in tomato sauce (2 syns), with broccoli,sweetcorn and rice.
1 apple.

Supper -- Wholemeal pitta bread (heb) filled with 2 boiled eggs. Shape yogurt and some frozen grapes.
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Wednesday 21st EE

Breakfast -- Banana and a shape yogurt.

Lunch -- Baked potato with spaghetti hoops, 2 slices of turkey and salad.

Dinner -- Daughter got back from skating comp in Bradford and since she had done well wanted a chinese. I ended up having a chicken maryland,probably the worst thing i could have ordered!!! I am so annoyed at myself now. But will just have to put it behind me and forget about it.
On the upside i did swim 35 lengths of pool.
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Thursday 22nd EE

No time for brekkie

Lunch -- 2 slices of roast beef, with frylight roasties, cauli, carrots,gravy (3 syns) and 2 yorkies (6 syns).

Dinner -- Leek and potato soup, 1 pear and a ww raspberry tart yogurt which was YUM!!

Supper -- 6 finn crisp crackers (heb) + 3 babybel light (hea). 1 apple.
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I've never been much of a breakfast eater, i just don't feel hungry first thing. I have to eat my lunch at 11.30 at work mon-fri so don't really need much early on.
Friday 23rd EE

Breakfast -- Shape yogurt

Lunch -- Salmon kebab, rice ,sweetcorn and broccoli.

Snack -- Leek and tattie soup and 1 pear.

Dinner -- Will be having 2 sausages (2 syns) ,beans and either sw chips or mash.

Supper -- Cheese,ham and tomato toastie (hea +heb) suger free jelly (0.5 syns) with strawberries and squirty cream (3 syns ).

Swam 40 lengths of pool.
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Saturday 24th EE

Breakfast -- 2 sausages (2 syns), 2 slices bacon fat removed, 2 hash browns (3.5 syns), beans 2 poached eggs and tomato. 2 slices toast (heb).

Lunch -- 2 tortilla wraps with ham and mozzarella (hea). Thought the wraps would be around 4 syns but when i checked before going to bed discovered they are 8.5 each!!!! Thats what i get for not checking first.

Dinner -- Pasta with tuna and tomato sauce.
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Sunday 25th EE

Breakfast -- Shape yogurt and 1 banana.

Swam 55 lengths of pool.

Lunch -- 3 slices of roast beef with gravy (3 syns),roasted new potatoes,sweet potato,and parsnips, peas broccoli and sweetcorn. 2 yorkshire puddings (5 syns).

Dinner -- Mushroom and wine pasta n sauce,made with milk from (hea).
Suger free jelly (0.5 syns), strawberries and squirty cream (2 syns).
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Monday 26th EE

Breakfast -- Shape yogurt and 1 banana.

Lunch -- Baked potato and beans with a large salad.

Snack -- Apple and 1 satsuma.

Dinner -- I am going to make Britmums chicken stuffed with salsa and feta, and serve it with roasted vegetable couscous and some asparagus.

Supper -- kellogs fibre plus bar (heb).

Swam 30 lengths of pool.
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Lol!! I think i am doing ok, but i didn't lose last week, so was really disappointed. Hopefully will have a loss tomorrow!! Been really good and also been swimming quite a bit so fingers crossed.
How are you getting on with sw? I just noticed you are doing a body pump class, how do you find that? I would like to give it a go but don't think i am fit enough yet!!
Tuesday 27th EE Lost 4lbs!!

Breakfast -- 2 slices toast (heb) with jam (1 syn).

Lunch -- Pasta with homemade bolognese sauce.

Snack -- A little couscous with roasted veg left over from last night.

Dinner -- Sausages (3 syns), mashed potato, peas ,mashed swede and carrot and a little gravy (2 syns).
Cadbury highights mousse (3 syns).

Supper -- 1 tortilla wrap made into nacho type crisps ( 6 syns) with syn free salsa.
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Wednesday 28th EE

Breakfast -- no time today

Lunch -- 2 slices of ham with salad, baked potato and 1 tbsp of extra light salad cream (1 syn). 1 apple.

Snack -- Banana and a ww yogurt.

Dinner -- Chicken,peppers and mushrooms in black bean sauce (5.5 syns) with boiled rice.

Did 45 mins in the gym, just walking and cycling but better than nothing!!

Supper -- 6 finn crisp crackers (heb) with laughing cow (hea). Kellogs fibre plus bar (5.5 syns).
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