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Nina'a Bootcamp diary!


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ok...so I am on week2, round 2 (so really week 9 of atkins!) Had a blip nearly 2 weeks ago...took 5 days off and now I have been on the right track for a week plus!

I have decided to join the bootcamp here at MMs! here are the rules:

30 seconds of star jumps
10 press ups (against a wall or counter if need be)
10 lunges on each leg (so 20 total)
30 seconds of star jumps again to finish.

Note: please try do an additional 20mins exercise each day.

Now girls no diet drinks either this week. Just clean living, ensure your veggies are eaten.

Please open a thread entitled 'your name' 's boot camp journal, enter you food diary here, water consumption, whether or not drills were completed, your extra exercise and of course your starting weight.
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Carbs are Evil
Good luck Nina x


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ok -- day 1 bootcamp ==> feeling great at 8:30pm...worked til 6pm -- got to the gym at 6:45 and did my thang!!

Jiggle plate: 10 minutes
Elliptical: 4 minutes
30 leg lunges -- walking
30 hamstring curls on the machine
30 inner thigh squeezes
LOTS of stretching

20 minutes in the HOT sauna!!

____Will go for a walk now, after having a shower!

What I ate:
2 cups of coffee with 2 tspns cofee mate -- full fat!
1 handful (only!) of cashew nuts
1 cup Green Molokria soup(called Jews Mallow -- like a spinach or kale)
7 thin slices of munster cheese and 7 of turkey with 1 tblspn of mayo
2 radishes and 4 lettuce leaves with tblspn chive cream cheese
Water: 2 liters -- and counting
Vitamins: Multi, Fish Oil and Flaxsed oil
the coffee mate is mega high in carbs

i love it but don't have it anymore , just have double cream in my coffee , nearly as nice x


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Yes watch the coffee mate. Also only 1 cup of tea/coffee is allowed in bootcamp. Sorry hun.


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ok thanks! today had only one cup of coffee -- but my coffee mate says 2 c for 2 tspns -- I count it in the carbs for the day...


What I ate today:

1 cup of coffee with coffemate

2 radishes with 1 tblsn cream cheese
3 slices of munster cheese with 7 slices turkey
2 cups lettuce

homemade meatloaf

water: 2 liters

gym: 10 minutes walking, 7 on elliptical
10 minutes of jiggling machine
20 minutes in sauna

feeling good this evening


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Good woman, try up the veggies a bit. Saying that you prob had some in the meatloaf?


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yes put the veggies in last night meatloaf -- and 1/2 cup of oatmeal - so I limited my meatloaf serving!


What I ate today: very poor eating -- in terms of too many hours without food!

B: cup of coffee (strong) with coffeemate
7 cherries and 1 tspn fresh cream
L: tin of tuna, mayo and 1 cup of soup boulion
D: 4 pieces of KFC style chicken

Water: 2 liters
Exercise: none yet (been to gym since saturday!!)


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Naughty naughty on the kfc style chicken, was it breaded, if so i have to give you 10 press ups (against wall if easier) for tomorrow :( . It won't do you any favours, might even knock you out of ketosis.
Are you doing your drills everyday aswell?


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This fried chicken was takeaway -- lightly floured it seems -- I count the carbs and drink loads of water afterwards -- its a once inawhile treat for being so good :p
I have been doing the drills!! Yes Ma'am!

What I ate today:
B:cup of coffee with coffeemate
4 turkey and swiss cheese roll ups with mayo

S:chunk of pepperoni

L: 1 chicken boullion soup
1 homemade piece of crustless quiche


Water: 2 liters
Exercise: CLeaning House LOL
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I never bothered with the sticks, way too messy ;)


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How did you get on saturday nina.?
1 kilo down!!!! wooooohoooooooooooooooo

I am expecting TOTM this week so I have setup some no fail goal posts:

  • I made weightwatcher brownies
  • I have some walnuts and pistacio
  • I have some coffee in in the frezzer!!!! my own coolata! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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Ah thats great hun, i had totm last week, nearly went made as i couldn't have anything sweet.


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Ah thats great hun, i had totm last week, nearly went made as i couldn't have anything sweet.

I found sugar free choc bar -- and although I typically would look past it...I really wanted it the other day - I portioned it out and it satisfied my TOTM food monster...it lasted three days -- I am proud of my self control!

I also treated myself to some sugar free jello and flavored creamer for my coffee -- its 2 c per tblspn and its a treat!

Are we on for bootcamp again this week?

I bought a yoga ball recently and have been doing the jack-knife curls on it -- can you incorporate some into the plan??

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