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Not eating after 7pm?

Hi everyone, i have been told by numerous people that not eating after 7pm really helped them lose weight. i guess in my case it might, even on Exante... I only get off work at 6, and of course late at night is when i get hungry, around 10 or 11pm, and end up having an extra pack because of it. If I decided that my rule was cutoff at 7pm no matter what, maybe I would just go to bed earlier! Does anyone else follow this rule?
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I try to have my last pack at about 7-7:30, just because I want to try and get into that habit when I start eating again as evenings were my worst time for grazing. I know on lots of others healthy eating plans some say don't, but to be fair it needs to fit into your own lifestyle too. Also I get indigestion if I eat too late! X

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I'm in the camp that does not believe in that kind of thing - ie that calories whether proper food / exante do not know what time of day it is and therefore does not matter what time of day to eat. I think that whatever opinion you follow, you have to find what is best for you and if having a pack late at night suits you then go for it.
Starlight is bang on the nail..Its rubbish so do what you want..There is enough restriction with TS(no solid food) with out placing another one (no packs after 7pm etc) in your life babe xxx


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I agree with everyone else, eat when you feel hungry cos it won't make any difference whatsoever



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I totally agree with the fact that it is a myth.

I usually have 2 meals between 8pm and 9.30pm every day.
OK, thanks everyone :) I think that I am like the first person who replied, evening is the worst time for grazing for me when I am on regular food. But yes, sometimes life intervenes and I literally can't even sit down to have a pack during the workday (which ends at 6). I will give it all some thought. Glad to know that it won't really make a difference. :)
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I used to be quite bad for snacks after dinner, which is why i'm getting myself in the habit of having my "dinner" shake at 6/7. That way I can knock myself out of the habit of late eating. Hopefully :/


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Really good to hear all these views, I was worried about eating late as I have always been told it wasn;t good for weight loss. I prefer to eat late to this is good news for me.
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I think the reason it's not meant to be great for weightloss is that the later you eat, the less time you have to burn it off.

But I dunno...that's just what I was told!


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Wow starlight - how do you manage all day without eating? Is it that you don't get hungry now you're on exante?

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