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I AM FUMING MAD!!:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
Just had a -we'll call it a confrontation -with my ex's family over my son. Too long to go into detail just want to yell...HOW F**KING DARE THEY?!! Trying to pull ME up on how I'm raising MY child when their lousy no good waster of a son/brother struggles to keep his one night a week and only sporadically decides to give any maintenance for him!

Seriously...when they have to do the hard work...they can come to me.

It was ME and who had him at 16, did my exams and degree with him and my now 3 year old, it was Me and my OH who got him through his transfer test and into the best grammar school in our area..all they have to do is boast. The cheeky b*****ds!!

So..I was struggling with LT today -but now..oh hoho, I'm gonna melt before their very eyes. Duck this sh*t!! I am getting my life sorted and giving nobody any ammo. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!

I apologise for my 'language' but I'm just sooo mad and need to vent. Thank goodness for minimins.
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Is Irrepressible!! : )
Ah.... families eh?? Especially when they are not yours! Well, not really :)

I think you have got the right attitude, if I may say so myself, as you are not letting their crap get in the way of your diet and lifestyle change- which is aaallllll good!

Check your bad self! :D


lol -thanks medea...check my bad self indeed :D

I've posted a few replies to threads and feel calmer already.
Men and there pathetic familys! Stuff them, from the sounds of it you have so much to be proud of, who cares what they think. You obviously have done a fantastic job bringing up your son!

Just think how good you will feel when you have lost your weight and have that extra confidence! Tell them to "get bent" (i love to use that one)

Thank you. Oh says that sometimes too hehe -not to me though -not even in moments of passion lmao

I do have a lot to be proud of! I've had a brilliant 2008 and the only thing really bothering me is my weight...in fact..I feel another thread coming on! lol -You have been warned!
Don't let the Bs get you down - you sound like you have done a FANTASTIC job

thank you...I agree lmao I really do feel so much brighter now. Sometimes it takes someone to p**s you off enough to kick your ass into gear..consider my ass kicked. :D
thank you...I agree lmao I really do feel so much brighter now. Sometimes it takes someone to p**s you off enough to kick your ass into gear..consider my ass kicked. :D
Good on ya!! You show em!!



a new way of living!
:girlpower: us women are far stronger than any man and his mother!

good for you. kick ass girl.
well done black rose you stick it to them get glugging the water stick to your shakes and shove it in their faces
People like that are not worth wasting time over. You have a fantastic son who is doing really well, academically and emotionally, and they are probably very jealous of the relationship you obviously have with him. Forget them and concentrate on your wonderful OH and children and getting slim.

You vent as much of your frustration on here as you need to.

I do have a lot to be proud of!
you certainly have Missus !! you have done an amazing job with the kids - and no thanks to your ex - ENDOF !!!

no wonder you're mad....stay strong hun - you're an amazing woman !


Debz xx
Go on you girl, do not let them bring you down ! ! You are doing fab, don't let them interfere!

Good Luck x x x
Thank you so so much everyone. Us women are tougher than any narrow minded imbeciles -let's face it anyone who's willing to take on LT gotta have nads -ya know wadda mean? ;)

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:giggle: Yeah your right honey, if we can take on LT we must be crazy :giggle: we can handle anything ! ! !

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