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Not in ketosis?

I havent done a test since the week after starting on exante but for some reason decided to do one today and Im not in ketosis.

Id see the point if Id been cheating left, right and centre but other than a few vodkas I have been 100% since the day I started so Im somewhat confused as to why Im no longer in ketosis.

Is it possible for your body to adjust to a certain level of carbs coz it is quite high on exante?

Anyway its not overly important, being in ketosis isnt the be all and end all Im just curious as to why.
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I've got to say that I don't always trust these sticks - I've had it when I went to LL where the counsellor used to provide sticks for testing that on sticks from one bottle I'd show as not being in ketosis and then on sticks from another I'd show as being in it. I really wouldn't worry about it, you're sticking to the diet and doing brilliantly and that's what matters :)


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You can be in ketosis without it showing on the sticks, particularly if you don't test first thing in the morning and are drinking lots of water as this dilutes the keytones. Don't worry, if you're not hungry and are feeling cold then you're in!
I've even had hospital pregnancy tests before now that showed negative even though I was 9 weeks pregnant at the time --- sometimes our bodies are just that bit different.
Thanks ladies. I just thought it was odd coz theyve never given me a negative reading before when I know I havent done anything to knock myself out of ketosis. Just goes to show what a waste of money these things are.

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