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Not lost anything for 2 weeks :(


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:confused:the scales haven't moved an inch.
But my clothes feel completely different... i can fasten my coat up proper now, my jeans are baggy, and even my knickers are baggy :eek::eek: haha, and that's just in one week.. but the scales haven't changed.

I'm not sure if it's mother nature on her way because my cycles have been messed up these last few months, and i shouldn't really be due on until 2 weeks.
Any advice :(
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Obvious question but have you done lots of exercise as muscle weighs more than fat so you might be turning fta into muscle and toning up?

It could also be the cycle thing - god knows what that does to us each month!

Well done on your clothes getting looser though - I love that feeling!Except when I can't afford to buy anything new!


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ive recently sold my car so been walking about 2-3 miles a day altogether... but i don't really count that as exercise as the 3 miles are broken up into little walks to the shop etc, whereas before i drove everywhere


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I'd definitely be counting that as exercise - 2-3 miles a day is quite a lot and more than the average persons walks. I don't think with walking it matters if it is broken up and it's not an exercise that generally gets your heart rate punding anyway. Even if it hasn't been adding muscle weight it will definitely without doubt be toning your legs and bum and might explain those baggy knickers!! Well done for doing it - I bet little Leah loves getting out and about - my two little ones love walks in the buggy.
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I havent lost this week...yet my friends and family are saying how much weight Ive lost!! I dont get it!!! I do feel slimmer than last week...and I have been swimming 3 times..perhaps its muscle then?:confused:


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Those tiny little steps all add up. That's a big increase in your exercise so I agree, it's probably that your now building muscle and that weighs more (grr).

Keep going - you'll soon see a huge loss!


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oh love my losses have been:
lost 4.5
lost 1
lost 3.5
lost 2.5
lost 1
lost 2
gained 0.6
lost 1.5
lost 3.5

im used to it! i have learnt to be patient with my losses now haha ;)


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kim i am the same, i have started walking home from work 3 days a week approx 2 miles each time and do 2 days at the gym and my weight has not changed for a few weeks now but can see it in my clothes as have friends.
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The walking will definitely count!!

It's the way your clothes fit and feel that matters most, I think. My scales can say I'm 20 stone if they like, but if I'm in size 12s, I'll be happy (ok, that's not realistic but you get what I mean!)

I just wanted to mention, fat does not turn into muscle. I hear it mentioned a lot (my consultant actually said it the other week and I had to bite my lip!) and it's an easy mistake to make. Saying 'fat turns to muscle' is a simple way of illustrating it, but it's not what happens!

You can certainly build muscle through intense exercise, but you have to work really hard to actually gain a pound of muscle. It's some serious exercise. True, muscle does weigh more than fat, so if you lose fat and build muscle, you won't show a loss on the scales. However, I don't think this often happens unless you're doing intensive exercise.

Walking shouldn't do this to you. It will tone your legs nicely, but that's a good thing :)

I've started running and a for the past few weeks I've been having issues with it - got some really interesting and useful replies from people on here. There are some, like Taz for example, who do a lot of intense exercise and can give you great info if you're interested. have a hunt on here for some messages.

I have totally gone on a waffle and probably not what you wanted to know about, but there we are! LOL!


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thanks all..
mother nature got me this morning so i'm putting some of it down to her!!


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ive weighed myself again and ive lost the 4lb i put on woohoo, plus an extra pound so thats 17lb lost now!\yayyyyy


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im putting it down to being very bloated too!

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