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O/T But... can tyou take something back then re-buy it?


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I bought a top last week for £25 quid not worn it yet still got lables in n that! so today i looked on DP's website and its on sale for £15 with also 20% off!! so now its £12 .... Can i take it back and then re buy it and get £13 back?? would you or wouldnt you???
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Bu im thinkin what if they dont have my size then i will have to ask if i can re bu it £13 is a lot of money to me lol


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No i do have the receipt, Garys mum got it on her wallis card ya see so im gonna take it back tonight wish me luck x


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Uh-oh! If you don't have proof then they give you refund at current selling price (15)... for all they know you could have bought it at 15 and be trying to gain £ off them by saying you bought it at the old price. Good luck but i'd be surprised if you got full price refund! You might need a copy of the bill from the card it went on... Oh, and if it went on acard they can't give you cash it'll go back on the card. Lol I do go on don't i, sorry!! Xx


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NO i mean!!! i DO have the receipt lol,, i know it will go back on the card but that then means on only owe garys mum £12 rather than £25 if you know what i mean xxx
Definately hun, I used to do this all the time in M&S. I'd buy something I liked knowing full well in a few weeks the stuff would be reduced, go in when it was reduced, buy the reduced one and then take the old one back later in the day. So long as you have the receipts it shouldn't be a problem.


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Aww hun really sorry to hear that :-( dont know what to say really apart from keep your chin up Hugs for you Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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My sister was much less subtle. She bought a dress at Next she wasn't sure about and took it back. They refunded her and she was still at till when another sales lady put a sale tag on for a lot less - as she was buying something else, she basically said 'Oh I'll keep it for that price'. She said they gave her the dead eye but she didn't care lol!

Good luck! xxx


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Welll i took it back :) and then re bought it and a belt that i wanted ,, so for the price of the top i got a top and a belt :)


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Yay! x


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I used to work in retaill and it's an old trick.
You'll get ppl who actualy come and do it at the till but it's always on our discretion to sell it back. Most of the ppl on till would refuse saying it's a shop policy to keep returned items off the shop floor for 12 hours (which is rubbish) or if you have someone who doesn't care you'd get your item cheape.
Me personnaly, prefer more subtle approach.
These are the best options:
a)Check if shop has your size and purchase your item first
if they have your size on a shop floor and go return
b)Ask to put your item on hold and then return (hopefuly to different sale assistant) and come back later and get your reserved item
c)if they no longer have your size tell them some kind of story that it was purchased for present and since it's wrong size you'd have to return it anyway. You would keep it for yourself because can't afford but since it's on sale... hey ho... most girls would be happy to give you refund. Some shops used to make price adjustments within 14 days but that's no longer exists.
Good luck with your return - have fun. xxx

Just realised I was a wee bit too late with my comments - anyway well done hun
yay happy outcome lol i luv when stuff works out like that :) used to do it quite often on amazon as the prices on there go up and down so often! would buy something and if the price went lower within 28 days you just emailed them and asked for the difference to be refunded and it was no questions asked :)

apparantly they have mostly stopped it now but will do it on occassions. would be bit mental after xmas i guess everyone wanting the cheaper prices on stuff they bought as xmas prezys lol!


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