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O/T Renewal of Wedding vows?


WILL be Slim!
my DH and i have been married 5 years in october...and i hated my original wedding day (apart from the service obviously)....but its always been something i have wanted to do...

So i just wondered what your opinions are?

I was thinking about just have something on a friday night with DH, me and possibly DD involved....just us and a vicar, and then a couple of snaps and then a intimate meal out afterwards....

I also wondered about whether its wrong to do this as a surprise for DH...we have both discussed it before so i know he would be equally as happy as i would be....i can just mentally see him coming home to an outfit layed out as if just for dinner....then lots of candles at the church, quick blessing, and then out for dinner somewhere quiet...

I'm wabbling now....lol....can you tell i'm confused about what to do? lol

Gut tells me to go for it, it wont exactly cost much, just a donation to the church and then the meal really....

ooohhh, HELP!!!

I've always wanted to look slim and pretty on my wedding photo's...and it feels like this could be a way of erasing the fat bride that was 5 years ago!

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Me and DH got married in a registry office, but we weren't really happy with this once we joined a church, so after 3 years we went ahead and had a marriage blessing. We bought new rings because we had rushed out and bought our other rings as we arranged our wedding in 10 days, so this time we picked rings we really wanted and had our blessing in church with vows that we mean, and it was really nice, we did invite family and I was 6 months pregnant with our number 2, but it really did mean more to us than our original wedding 3 years earlier. I say go for it, but make it what you want it as you cannot keep going back and doing it again... (well I guess you can, but it would mean less).


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Go for it! I'd love to do it with my DH, I was overweight but not like now but for me it's just another way to show how much I love him and what he means to me (slushy enough! LOL!)
Its our 7th Anniversary on Sunday and for our 10th we're gonna have our vows read again, as quite simply i loved the day :D and wanna do it all again and LOVED saying the vows

Go for it!!!

Your hubby will be happy you're happy ;)


Shut up Ethel
I was (funnily enough) the same weight when I was married as I am today. It was a lovely day and I really enjoyed it but I wish I had felt a bit more attractive; I like the photos, but wasn't a stunning bride. Had to work hard at other elements to make it 'stunning' (like having a red velvet dress!)

I have every intention of renewing our vows barefoot on the beach, in a tiny thin strappy dress.

So yes, I'd say go for it....I'm not sure I'd surprise husband with it though; would he not enjoy being involved in the planning, the whole event?
You know your husband! Would he like the surprise? I like it's a lovely idea and you will be a beautiful (born again) bride! xx
Aw sounds lovely and dead romantic bet your hubby would love getting married to a slimmer and more confident version of the woman he fell in love with and married the first time. Listen to me being an old romantic!!! Go for it you only live once xxx


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I want to do this too!!!! :sigh:

We're going to Las Vegas next year and will be 10 years married in October. When I mentioned it to DH he said "I married you once didn't I". Huh swine! I'm organising it anyway, he'll love it once we're there.:rolleyes:


WILL be Slim!
seems the church need us both there to discuss it so wont be able to be the surprise i wanted :(
But think we're still gonna do it!

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