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Oatbran Crisis - has it been discussed in the official forum

It looks as if we are in the midst of an Oatbran shortage as demand outstrips supply.

So - the choice for some of us is

a.) do without
b.) substitute another product (wheat bran/rice bran/oatbran with oatgerm - I'm sure there's others)

Can anyone who is a member of the official site tell us if this has been discussed?
If not - is there anyway it can be raised, so we can get some guidance here, at least until the supply increased or the demand tails off.
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Not very good at this!
I've not seen it discussed. I have seen someone ask the question before though as to what to do if you can't eat oat bran (I think it was due to the gluten).

They basically said that whilst it might slow the losses it wasn't the be all and end all.


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I've also mentioned in a previous thread that an online health food shop, www.beanfreaks.com has some and their postage isn't extortionate, like some sites (one company wanted to charge £7.50 to deliver just 500g!!!!).
Beanfreaks delivery charge is £2 for parcels under 2kg. So, you can get 1.5kgs for £7.97. I got mine from there on Sunday, it was delivered this morning.

Beanfreaks is fab - I live not far from Cardiff (hence the name) so its my local health shop.... Good service in store too!
Hmm I might have to take a trip to get some as I'm down to two bags now and deff don't want to be without it. I get it from Holland and Barratt but also tescos and I think sainsburys might do it too where I live.


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Dukan can't be the thing around here as Tesco and Waitrose is stocked up. Phew!
How peculiar (going from some of the sights I witnessed when last home). Still feeling like you want to convert people? Maybe we should run a Dukan roadshow!! Take it to people who haven't yet realised they need it!!


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I've jsut been to H&B and asked for oatbran but the guy working there told me that they have problems with the supplier (i.e. he cannot deliver). Thankfully I bought 2 bags last week so I've got enough for a while but will keep on checking Tesco and Sainsbury's here in Aberdeen.


Not very good at this!
This was on last night's official chat:

ellaelrick : Hello Sonja, I can't buy oat bran from my local store till September but at the supermarket i can buy wheatbran. What is the best way forward till Sept please?
sonja : Hi Ella and welcome to the chat! If you cannot find oat bran for the moment the best is not to have anything as there is no substitute for it. Don't worry as long as you can start to have it in September it will fine. Keep going!
im more worried about the poor horses going without as all the dukaneers are nabbing their oatbran !!!!!


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:badmood:Well, my oatbran STILL hasn't arrived so I remain a gallette virgin.

I am now suspecting that the online shop has run out but haven't the heart to tell me yet...

Looking on the bright side, I suppose you don't miss what you have never have... :rolleyes:


Just keep swimming...
Beanfreaks, Cardiff. Wouldnt be surprised if they had suddenly ran out tbh.

Anyway, all is ok with the world - found the very last bag in the country (it seems) in Stirling!!! They have put it aside for me and my daughters are off to collect it right now!

So excited - those gallettes and muffins are almost in reach! :D
I don't really understand the oatbran shortage, one of the suppliers, Mornflake, have PLENTY in stock.
You can order from
Them directly but will only be cost effective if ordered in bulk (p&p £7.50 for orders under 20kgs, then 29p per kilo thereafter).
I guess it's an option to buy a load and share p&p with another Dukaneer, if you know someone and really, really want your oatbran.
I'm not far from the Mornflake factory so might nip in myself to get a load and cut out p&p.
Just an option cos there seems to be a lot of stress about the shortage of oatbran in the shops.


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