Of all the days!!


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Awww honey this sucks! Hope it gets resolved soon! No hot water or heating in winter sucks. Ours packed in last winter and BG couldn't get to us for same reason. We tried a local gas man from the village who came on way home and sorted it in 10minutes and didn't charge us because we booked a service with him.

If you're trying BG maybe try someone local? Hope it sorts itself soon and you stay warm. xxx


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you have my sympathy.. ours went on Xmas Eve :) ... 1 week after they had just been out to 'fix' it! ... we had to go through all of xmas with guests usng 2 halogen heaters which rocketed our electric bill and seemingly put very little heat out but did blind us all to the point of needing to wear flipping sunglasses with the rays from the halogen bulbs... it wasn't the best Xmas ever I have to say :-(
hope you get your sorted soon!


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Oh no I hope they can fix it very soon.
Keep warm


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I am so sorry. I know how you feel. Ours had been dodgey for weeks, and every time they came to fix it, they found something else wrong. Fortunately we have a second bathroom that has electrics so could shower but had to boil a kettle to wash dishes and used heaters to keep warm. We also had that gas leak on Christmas Eve when they shut off the gas until 11.00am on Christmas day. It was freezing!
I hope they sort it out soon as it's horrible being so cold!


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Oh no! That's awful!!! Hope you get it sorted soon so can keep warm!! Part of a nearby town to me has been without gas since new years day! What a bad time of year for that!!


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OMG you poor love, keep making hot drinks and put some extra layers on. Its disgraceful if its only 11 months old and its broken already. Hope you haven't got the Friday afternoon one. Is it with the gas board? I hope you write a letter and try and get some compensation.


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It's gone from bad to worse. I ahve spent 7 hours on the hone tody. alot of them in tears. The installers are blaiming the boiler. The boiler people are blaming the installers. Both refusing to come out. It sounds like it is a condensation exit pipe which ahs frozen. Which is an installers problem and faulkt. Anyhow after going a bit mad and balling my eyes out at them. Bosche are coming out tomorrow. Though they probably can't fix it. Warmsure are coming out on Friday, though they may ahve to contact the installers before they can do anything. So all week. No heat. No hot water. One hallogen heater with no heat but lots of light, and a huge leccy bill!!



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Oh Huney! My heart goes out to you! Lots of layers and hot drinks, and a duvet on the settee.

Roz V

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I also feel very, very sorry for you. We had EXACTLY the same problem, but British Gas took reponsibility as they had installed the boiler, although that was several years ago.

The engineer told hubby that they have suddenly had loads of problems with the condensation pipes freezing up as the weather has been so much colder this winter.

With a lot of pestering we were able to get it sorted before this latest lot of snow and ice - we were very lucky.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you are also able to to get the situation rectified as soon as possible. I'm sure that many people who have had a new condensating boiler installed in the last few years will encounter this problem because of the severity of the weather - I don't think anyone anticipated this happening.

Wishing you all the best - do keep us posted.