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"Off" Tetra's?


Restart 3/9/2013
Hi all

Had a bad experience a couple of times this week. I love choc tetra's, but have had 2 in the last 2 days that didnt taste 'right'. In fact they had a distinct cheesey/yogurty flavour to them, almost as if they have curdled! :mad:

Both the tetra's were from the same batch, and well in date (dated nov 2008). Anyone else had this? Or have I just got a dodgy batch? Have had to get rid of the tetra's as they were far too foul to drink :jelous: So now obviously I am worried about having another choc tetra!!!!

Anyone else had this? Is there a dodgy batch? Or have I been really unlucky to have had 2 bad ones? CDC's has anyone else reported this to you?
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Could be your tastes changing i used to love them but i cant go near them now ?? If there in date they should be ok hun xxx


Restart 3/9/2013
No I dont think so because it wasnt 2 tetra's in a row. was one on sunday, the one i had this morning was delicious, and the one i had this afternoon was absolutely rank!!!
I had this and thought it was just me! Mine was dated Dec 2008, and was one of a 'strip' of 3...the others were fine. I thought it was because i was drinking it with my peanut bar and thought perhaps it was an after taste thing, but it was defintely 'tangy' and not right....i have 6 more in the fridge so they better be ok lol.....not exactly cheap :)
I hope this doesnt happen to mine. I have about 20 of them because my CDC is on hols for 2 weeks. They seem to be tasting ok so far.

Do you know wheres the best place to store them? I put some in the fridge so i can have them cold and i store the others in the food cellar thing.

I hope you get them sorted BB. xx
i have loads of them aswell. i just have them in a press and stick 3in each night as i need them. my cdc told me to keep them in the fridge but have no space with water and stuff!!!!!
I couldnt possibly fit all mine in the fridge. Does any other CDCs have any thoughts on where we need to store them. I'll have to make some room in my fridge so they dont go off.

You shouldn't need to store them in a fridge - except for just before consumming them. They are long life and are normally fine. I have boxes and boxes of them and would need an industrial fridge if i were to put them all in the fridge!

Keep away from direct heat, ie radiator or cooker etc, or sunlight - otherwise anywhere coolish!


Cambridge Counsellor
Occasionally we do get some that go off for no real reason. As already stated you can get replacements from your CDC. It's not all the time, it is occasionally, so for those worried it'll happen to them, try not to worry. I get through trays of the things each week, so far I haven't had an 'off' one in months.

I keep 6 trays of mine stacked under the piano in a room that's never cold and in the same room another 4 trays in the bottom of a bookcase. Room temp is fine for storage.


Restart 3/9/2013
Penpen - mine were dated 28th November too...
Oooo i'm so glad you posted this. I've had 3 in the last week that were awful, again dated the 28th of Nov. I took one sip and had to throw them out.
This week I bought banana ones instead because I couldn't face having another bad experience of one.
Will definately mention it to my cdc next week.


Restart 3/9/2013
Hmm interesting...funny they are all the same date. Maybe its a bad batch? CDC's is it worth me contacting head office?


Restart 3/9/2013
Have contacted Cambridge through their website... thought they should be aware - especially as the 3 of us who have posted with bad tetra's dated 28/11/08 are pretty spread out. I am portsmouth, penpen is london, and Liz is Scotland!!!

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