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Old You Vs New You??


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Ok - so what would the old you have chosen to eat on a lunch/evening out versus what the new you chooses now? Not talking about special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc as we all know that we spoil ourselves a bit then.... but everyday times....

Yesterday I went out to Pizza Express for lunch with work colleagues:

The old me: Garlic Bread, Pizza (or pasta with creamy sauce) and then a choc pudding!

The new me: Aubergine, in a tomotoe sauce with a cheese topping (and I called SW for the syn value - 20). The old me would have turned up nose at Aubergine!

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monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
dinner time today, my friend is off work and said she would come meet me from work for dinner.

old me- Sterling Castle pub for curly fries and sour cream dip followed by hot choc' fudge cake and cream
new me (what we did)- took a pack up of mixed fruit and yoghurt and sat on the harbour eating it people watching. my friend had bulber wheat & peppers followed by melon


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Oooh great thread! I would have had a whole pizza, onion rings, potato wedges, dips and maybe some garlic bread to go with it!

Now I wouldn't even be able to LOOK at that amount of food!


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Oooh great thread! I would have had a whole pizza, onion rings, potato wedges, dips and maybe some garlic bread to go with it!

Now I wouldn't even be able to LOOK at that amount of food!
so what would you have instead?

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
they had a 'bring some food in' night last night at WI, we have a few new men in our group and one of them didnt quite understand the concept and brought in some Yum Yums from the bakers and ordered a massive pizza to be delivered to WI.............apparently everyone had a slice, well its only polite after all lol

bless him
Old me when eating Italian would go for creamy/cheesy sauces. New me prefers tomato or loads of roast veg sauce. My tastes have definitely changed and I can really tell if there's oil in something as it coats my lips.

Indian - used to get creamy mild curry but now prefer tandoori chicken or veggie based curry. still like my nan though!!


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Old me.. Chinese

Spare ribs, fried rice, spring roll and probably some other dish all washed down with prawn crackers

New me.. Chinese

Boiled rice, 1/2 a chicken chow mein.

Old me would definately have eaten a potion of chippy chips yesterday with a battered sausage as well as the Mcflurry I had


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Wonder what the turning poitn is that we all hit that all of a sudden we are automatically choosing better options?? I sometimes wander over to the sandwich counter in Tescos and just contemplate what sandwich i might buy, then walk away and have ryvita and laughing cow instead - it's the feeling of control that i can walk away I think
For lunch on a school day Id have normally had a baguette with something like chicken mayo in, a packet of crisps, and a choc bar, now I really enjoy a jacket spud with beans and cheese. xxx Interesting thread Lindam x
At the mexican:
Old me: Nachos with cheese (Loads) and vegi chilli - Starter
Vegi combo (more vegi chilli) with rice - Main
Plus about 6 cocktails

New me:
Vegi chilli with rice
Fruit salad
2 cocktails (I am still a work in progress!!!!)

I find the nachos are to greasy now I don't like the taste anymore (and they were my fav :eek:)
old me used to try and be healthy and have a salad for lunch every day with chicken n sweetcorn in mayonaise on ( and lots of it! ) and drink at least a few glasses of wine/cans of cider a night now i have a jacket potatoe with my healthy a allowance of cheese, no butter and only drink on a weekend, that really is the biggest change in my diet.

old me used to fry everythign as well, bacon, eggs, sausages and eat white bread and lots of it. new me uses fry light or the george forman. also old me used to put cream in omelettes and scrambled egg :O :O
This is a hard one as i dont think i ate a large amount and tried to eat quite a healthy range of foods -

Menu before SW

B:fast - rice crispies and 2 x toast (wholemeal)

Snack- cereal bar

Lunch- ham salad sandwhich ( no butter)

Tea - chicken potatoes and veg

then at night i would get a sweet tooth and some times have a bar of choccy :D


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Just been to pub for our wedding anniversary and chose to eat jacket pot with baked beans and cheesey nachos on the side (!)

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