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OMFG guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Must do it this time
congrats on the start,you lucky thing,enjoy your chippy tonight!!!
best of luck,elaine x
Hi ya,

Good Luck with your CD journey it is so worth it,

I take it you must be on 4 packs a day for that price, I pay £45 a week but it varies from CDC to CDC.

Can't believe you mentioned chip shop think I drooled on my keyboard then.

How olds your baby, looks gorgeous.
Hey Thats Great!!!!
Hope U Do Really Well!!!
I Pay Roughly Around 35 A Week For Mine But I Only Get 3 Items A Day. R U On 4?
I Payed 45 Last Week But That Was For A Week And A Half As Not Seeing My Cdc For A While Xx


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gemm shes 8 weeks old =]
just spoke to gill, shes agreed.

hmm donner meat lol.. im drolling lol
yeh im 4 a week.

Cant friggin wait tbh! =]
Ahh 8 weeks god I get far to broody sometimes.

Just remeber the first time is golden time, I stuck to it religously the first time then had xmas off and since then I think I have only lost about 7lbs coz I keep messing it up.


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lol i wont anyway, only small donner kabab lol.
i said im treating my mum n dad
The praice is perfectly normal. Mine is always over £50 cos I have the tetra packs and bars. Plus i'm over 5 foot 8.
Good luck with it and let us know how you get on xx
Good luck with it kimmie.
I started today.. feeling fine just lots of trips to the toilet!
It's all this water lol, even my 4yr old asked me " are you ok mummy cause you keep going for a wee!"
I have tried s/s b4 but never made it past week 2, so this time im gonna do it, theres no stopping me! :D
The best of luck with it Kimmie. :D


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The price is on a sticky at the top.
Sachets of soup/shakes £1.65
Tetras £1.85
Bars £1.90
Thats recommended but I think they can charge more or less than that.
Hope this helps

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