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Omg i been so buisy

I have today been out for a walk with oh about 2 miles, came home sanded the banister down (buddy arm), mowed the lawn (very large garden), clean the bathroom (pod room lol), clean and changed the living room, clean all bedrooms changed beds... done 4 loads of washing (lovely day)..

and now i am making sir steak! (*&%*$&%(^lol)

prob be very tired later!!

have been very thirsty today, have drank 3 litres just started my next bottle now... cant wait for my sauna later and shower in the pod!!

oh and my chicken and mushroom soup yum yum..

what you all been up to today?
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omg how busy u been.

im just sorting stuff out to go away later tonight was ment to me this morning but hubby went out last night and got very very very drunk so no way we could go this morning so im not a happy teddy bear lol xx
wow wow wow u have been busy. I havent been up too much just visited a friend, went into town for a look round the shops didnt buy anything though apart from do the lotto cuz its like 15mill tonight It could be me!!!


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i worked from 7 - 3 with 19 people with "very challenging behaviour", came home and stared into space till quarter past five. Logged on here. Had not a thing to eat or drink.
Been Really Busy In The Salon 2day Done 8 Hour's Non Stop,just Washin/dryin Towels As We Speak,oh On Playstation And Havin A Well Deserved Pint Of Cold Beer As He's Worked 2,a Coors Is Callin My Name But Im Not Cavin In.xx
Bloomin' heck!!

I have been busy on and off all day with clients, had housework and a mountain of washing (does it ever go down?:rolleyes:)
Looked after the children all day as hubby worked today (unusual for him)
Listed some ebay stuff (not CD lol;))
Put the children to bed and I am now boring you all with my wit and wisdom ;):D
wow i am so aching today, didnt wanna get out of bed this morning lol.. i didnt end up playing xbox lastnight we just watched abit of tv was in bed for 10 sleep by 10.30 lol..

might do some more sanding today, saves his dad coming round every day to do it... i got no privacy so i am going to go for it!!

think we are going round oh sisters today he is going to have dinner there, i will just sit and watch tv with my soup!! lol

oh i did notice i smelt of bo yesterday which is so not like me!! usually oh stinks! but goes to show i did alot more than him lol ner ner ner to him.. but still must be ketosis eh?

omg roll on june!! i can eat on holiday!!

still a lovely day today... what you all up to today?


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off swimming today, went yday at 6pm but they was all shut! im wearing a t-shirt over swimming cossie though, would that be okay? i brought a new one yday but doesnt fit me! =[ wil do soon though!
kimmie when i go swimming i wear my constume with swimming shorts on top... should be ok, ask them first though .. :)
Oh I am trying to get the guts to go swimming, I really want to take my kids. Any ideas if those beauty salon anti cellulite wraps work?

Sorry for going off topic!

I am sore today... been painting my kiddies bedroom all yesterday and I am aching.. but have to get back to it soon. I did buy a colour that needs at least 3 bloomin coats...

But its keeping me busy and away from the cookie jar!!

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