OMG!! stick as gone pink!!!!!


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So chuffed!!!!!!!

Started LL yesterday, drank 7.5 litres of water yesterday, drowning obviously, but so worth it. The stick has gone pink already!!:D :D :D

How is every one else doing?

Much love, Tania xxx
Congratulations!!! The blanket of ketosis is starting to cover you!! Well done with the water. I try to drink at least 6 litres a day and I find that it helps the weight loss.
Good Luck!!
Thank you Stardreamer. I didn't actually find it that difficult to drink the water thank goodness. I am so hoping I can keep it up.:eek:

Your weightloss is fantastic, well done. We started with a similar amount to lose, can I ask when did you start this amazing diet?:)

Tania x
Hi Hun,
I started the diet on 24th October 2006. This has been the best thing I have ever done. I feel so much more happier, confident, assertive and relaxed. Before when I woke in the morning it was a struggle trying to find something to wear BUT now the choice is endless. I bought size 12 jeans from next the other day and they fitted really well!!
I know that the battle will commence when I go back to normal food. I just hope I can keep it off. The feeling of being thin is amazing!! Your dream will very soon come true!! Keep strong and carry on as you are.
Lots of slimming luck.
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From reading this Forum Stardreamer, I know I have made the best choice and really hope to be bying size 12's in a couple of months like you!
Can I ask, how did you find the councelling? Was it very emotional for you?