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  1. onceinabluemoon

    onceinabluemoon Full Member

    Attack this week:

    day 1:
    B: 2 boiled eggs
    L: Chicken breast
    S: boiled egg and chicken breast
    D: Good sized Portion of 10% minced beef

    coffee x 2
    water x 1 litre

    20 minute walk with dog

    Kept self very busy cleaning etc. Not hungry during day - bizarre! Found minim ins forum thanks to friend on another forum. Looked at coaching but am unsure. Feel a bit headachy (lack of sleep?) and heavy around the eyes.

    LOSS: 2lbs

    day 2:
    B: scrambled egg x2
    L: thinly sliced turkey breast, quark, 1 boiled egg, vanilla WW yoghurt, 1 level tsp oatbran
    S: sugar free jelly
    D: 2 small lean beef steak, 2 slices wafer thin ham, quark and garnish red onion, toffee ww yoghurt with remaining oat bran, jelly

    coffee x 1
    water x 1.5 litre
    Glass Beroka

    None, back in spasm

    Woke up feeling slimmer!!Continuing to read through book. Feel lightheaded and dizzy towards end of day, really horrid feeling. Massive cold sore on lower lip! (Coincidence?)

    LOSS: 2lb TOTAL LOSS 4lb 4oz!

    day 3:
    B: Galette
    L: Wafer thin chicken breast, wafer thin ham, Total greek yoghurt,
    D: 2 dry roasted chicken breast, yoghurt

    coffee x 1
    water x 1 cup
    diet coke x 3 cans

    2 hour walk along seafront
    10 minute walk with dog in evening

    headache almost gone in morning, not feeling dizzy either. Feeling so much slimmer/more supple - amazing! Back to feeling lightheaded/woozy in evening - don't like this feeling at all.

    LOSS: 1lb, TOTAL 5lb

    day 4:
    B: yogurt and oatbran
    L: wait rose ready sliced beef
    D: small amount of chicken breast after trying and ditching grilled salmon, jelly, yoghurt

    coffee x 2
    water x 1 cup
    Diet coke x3
    diet pepsi x 1

    3 hour walk around town/ beach

    Was amazed at how easy it was to feed self whilst out and about, just went to supermarket and bought pre pack roast beef! Lightheaded feeling gone! Still feeling amazingly supple! Loving this! A bit scared of going onto cruise on Sunday, this is so easy and am not bored with it yet.

    LOSS 2lb TOTAL 7lb

    Attack this week:

    day 5:
    B: galette with lemon and splenda
    L: Roast turkey slices
    S: Roast turkey slice
    D: Chicken breast slices



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  3. Mirjam

    Mirjam Never Ever Give Up!

    Your meals are looking good but isn't the fat percentage in meat supposed to be under 5%? I always use extra lean mince as that's only 5% fat.
  4. wheesht

    wheesht Just keep swimming...

    Well done for starting a diary - it all helps!

    Just a couple of little points I noticed. Agree with Mirjam re the mince. Try to get extra lean mince rather than just lean, as it does contain too much fat.

    Also, watch the WW yogurts. They contain 6.3g carbs which can mount up and might cause a stall.

    Re the Dukan coaching, I would do a search regarding whether it is worth it before you commit... there has been quite a lot of negativity as to whether it is actually value for money from what I have read. Maybe start a thread asking for opinions?

    Good going though!
  5. onceinabluemoon

    onceinabluemoon Full Member

    I just double checked the book and it says "frozen beef burgers are allowed but make sure the fat content does not exceed ten percent - 15 per cent is too rich for the attack phase" I presumed this meant mince at 10% too, but I will look out for 5% fat in future thank you. :)

    Ok thanks, I thought it was muller's I had to watch out for, lol. Good thing I have you guys to keep me on the straight and narrow!

    After seeing it on Watchdog, I don't think I'll be going down that road, but thanks for your suggestion.

    I'm so glad I have you all to help me, thank you!
  6. Mirjam

    Mirjam Never Ever Give Up!

    I prefer to make my own burgers as they put rusk and other items in there that are not allowed and by making them myself I know what's in there :)
  7. onceinabluemoon

    onceinabluemoon Full Member

    That's a good idea. :) I don't like burgers so don't eat them, I suppose it may be different if it was all meat/onion a few herbs or whatever. Maybe one day I will try.

    What is rusk please? (I presume something disgusting)
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  8. Mirjam

    Mirjam Never Ever Give Up!

    I always mix either onion or sjalot in the mince with some fresh herbs and capers. It's called rusk and that's a dry biscuit broken into particles, sorted by particle size and sold to butchers and others for use as a food additive in sausage or hamburger manufacture.[3][4] Though originally made from stale bread, now called "Bread-rusk", a yeast-free variety called simply "Rusk" is now more commonly used.
  9. onceinabluemoon

    onceinabluemoon Full Member

    So... day 1 of cruise.

    I didn't lose any weight yesterday but that was sort of expected as the scales and one thing before my bath and another thing after - I don't think I was *that* dirty, lol!

    I'm off to the shops in a moment to buy some fresh veg, after just eating a yummy Dukan pancake for breakfast to ensure I don't 'hunger buy' rubbish.

    Back later...
  10. missfitness25

    missfitness25 last diet.......EVER!!

    Hi Onceinabluemoon,
    The only place that I can find 5% mince is Tesco's. I hope that helps?
  11. onceinabluemoon

    onceinabluemoon Full Member

    Thank you. We are having a new Tesco store being built in our town (amidst lots of controversy, lol) and it will be open before Christmas so I will be able to shop there for goodies. At the moment we only have co op and their choice is appalling at best, non existent at worst...
  12. missfitness25

    missfitness25 last diet.......EVER!!

    Hi..........I know what you mean about the Co-op, it's like a corner shop!!
  13. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Firstly let me congratulate you on your weight loss! Excellent start.

    Your meals are usually merely a question of opening packages of (often salty) slices of meat though, and I fear that you'll be getting bored in the not too distant future...

    Check out our recipe section for some inspiration perhaps. You're also probably not eating enough protein for your weight - if you're not hungry, fine, don't force it... but that probably explains your lightheadedness at the outset.

    Good luck for Cruise!
  14. onceinabluemoon

    onceinabluemoon Full Member

    Thanks Maintainer.

    I had turkey omelette last night so a step in the right direction probably.

    I'll check out the recipe section later (I just started work) thanks. :)
  15. wheesht

    wheesht Just keep swimming...

    It must make it very difficult not to have any large supermarkets near you. We have all the major ones fairly near us, and spend a lot of time trailing round them all to find what I am looking for!

    I find Tesco is brilliant for very low fat mince, Total yogurts etc. so the sooner yours opens the better! You'll find it so much easier to find the things you need once it does. You are doing brilliantly though even without Tesco!

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