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Attack One day at a time!!


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LOL ;)


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As the others have said, Louise, ketosis is nothing to worry about. I felt crap with a bad headache for about 3 days, but then it lifted and I felt absolutely fine - in fact, probably better than fine!

I was worried sick that I'd end up with the headache again during my PP days on Conso - but, thankfully, this hasn't happened.

I'd never heard of ketosis until I came onto this forum. I just figured that the headache was part of the withdrawal/detox process.
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yep best stick to toffee and vanilla hun

ketosis is not that bad i find now i have a mass more energy , and with 3 kids to run round after i need it ....Im doing a 16 mile night hike in 3 weeks wouldnt of thought of that a while ago !!!!
as for this lot they are whats kept me going and motivated in this diet and if Jo hadnt given me hell a couple of times id be 18 st one by now tough love hun we all need it and in 6 months or what ever goal you have to reach you will thank the old dukan witches !!!! lol
S: 15st6.0lb C: 12st6.8lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 2st13.2lb(19.07%)
oh yeah and a couple of young atkins gobblins :p
Day three

B Chicken and prawn
L galette with turkey and oatbran
D omlette with 3 eggs prawns and turkey

Snacks of two muller light, boiled eggs and prawns to nibble. Does this sound on track??

Feel physically better today, TOTM surprised me today so think I was feeling rough due to that. I have no cholesterol problems and am eating lots of eggs hope that's ok. Drinking Koranic water one thing though really missing fruit!! Xxx
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Ooh this is getting a bit heated!! I think I'll keep my nose out of this one! Far too stressful for me!

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S: 15st6.0lb C: 12st6.8lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 2st13.2lb(19.07%)
totm is a nightmare !!!!
seems to be ok bit egg heavy ...i tend to eat two yolks a day the eat egg white omelettes as they lovely and no i use one yolk to 3 whites ...you will get there hun hang in there its so worth it !!! ive tried them all and this one was the one that worked
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I have no idea if I was in ketosis - I ate lots of dairy (too much, probably) and had weekend invites and had a week's conso in there too, but I still lost weight and had more energy.

I did have a bad headache but gave up coffee (for a few days;)) back then too. So who knows what was responsible. The headache only lasted a day though. It could have been ketosis, caffeine-withdrawal or coincidence.

I still have more energy now though and ketosis is definitely a long way in the past (if it happened at all) so I think also the fact that we're putting far less processed rubbish in our bodies can only be a good thing:D.

Oh and TOTM, boo hiss. Me too :sigh:.

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