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One day at a time!!


Call me Linzi...
Hi I am new to this site but have years of practising starting & failing diets! :break_diet:

I managed to shift 7 stone in 4 months on a vlcd by Dr Cohen, until falling pregnant & going back to my old ways of eating helped me pile it all on again!! So today is day 1 of me starting it again!

I have decided to look at this as a one day at a time diet otherwise I think I'm missing out on too much if I think I have 5-6 months of being this restrictive!

Weighed in at 18'9 this morning so only 2lbs shy of my starting weight before, I have tried calorie counting to shift the weight but have learnt that I am an all or nothing girl, I can't have a little of something so hence the choice of a vlcd!

I know all I have to do is beat the physical craving of carbs that usually kicks in around the 3pm mark, drink water like theres no tomorrow & not concentrate on the monotany of the same foods day in & day out!

So there I've said it so all I need to do is put it into practice!

I can & will do today of sticking to this plan as one day at a time is a whole lot easier than thinking in the long term!
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I am also new to this diet and forum, Wish you the best of luck, its day 2 for me and the withdrawals are kicking in....... ;-(

I think taking each day as it comes is the best way forward, thats the approach I will be taking to get to my goal.......Goodluck xxx


Call me Linzi...
Thanks for responding! So far so good today have got to 1630 with minor shakes & no real urges for tutt!! Mind you I have drunk 3 litres of water & 6 cups of black tea so far... so I'm probably not off the loo long enough to find my way to the kitchen!! ;)

What diet are you doing? Its amazing how once the withdrawls go away its soooooooooo much easier!



Call me Linzi...
Hi Abz
I'm following Dr Cohens diet... it consists of 'real' food but only consuming approx 400-600 cals per day.
I did this diet sucessfully in 2006 when I lost 7 stone in 4 months but didn't refeed properly as my counsellor switched diets & then I fell pregnant & went back to my old ways so piled it all back on again!
My daughter has just turned 10 months old & I've just been playing with losing weight so now its time to regain control & stop faffing around!
Hi Linzi,

I'm doing the cambridge diet, day 2, I've got to loose 5 stones....to get to goal weight.....Cant believe it feels like i'm gona be doing it for ages......lol.......

Which diet are you doing? and how's it going for you?
The shakes are nice but no food is allowed, I am currently on 3 shakes and 4 litres water, been in the loo all day.....
I did look into Dr Cohens diet, wow what do you eat with such little calories? Do you know if vegetarians can do this diet? Amazing losses, you lost 7 stones in four months.....cambridge losses are around a stone a month.......


Call me Linzi...
Wouldn't be very good for vegetarians.
My food today has been

Breakfast: 175g low fat natural yoghurt
Lunch: 100g tuna in brine, 40g tomato, 65g celery, 30g low fat mayonnaise.
Dinner: 70g philadelphia extra light, 55g mushroom, 40g tomato
Snacks: 5 crackerbread, 2 apples & 1 litre diet coke

Thats pretty much a standard day its really restrictive on the types of protein, fruit & vegetables that you can eat... can only have 5 original crackerbread or 2 1/2 ryvita & 2 pieces of fruit a day.

I also drink a minimum of 3 litres of water a day... be interesting to see what my 1st weeks weight loss will be this time around!
Wow, that is such little food, sounds good, at least you can eat, I am a veggie and would be able to eat that except the tuna.....surviving on 3 shakes a day for 5 months, just to loose 5 stones, man thinking about it is scaring me....God help me........
never been on a diet for more then 2 weeks, yep, i'm sure going to do it this time round, going to Mexico in November for my 28th, .......If someone paid me £10 for each pound I would have made only £20 so for, maybe in 5 months when i've lost 80 lbs.......hee he......

Goodluck hun........I'm off to drink my last shake of the day.......xx


Gold Member
ditzee could you give some more examples of your low cal meals? i am struggling to think of things that can fill a day on 500cals!! would really appreciate some suggestions!!

abz xx


Call me Linzi...
Hi Abz

Breakfasts: 1 egg, 55g mushroom, 40g tomato
175g yoghurt, 1 peach.

Lunches or Dinners:
100g prawns or tuna, 65g celery or cucumber, 40g tomato
70g philidelphia light, 55g celery or cucumber, 40g tomato
110g chicken, 60g salad, 40g tomato
70g cottage cheese, 55g salad, 40g tomato
105g prawns, 65g salad or mushroom, 40g tomato
100g steak, 65g mushroom or courgette, 40g tomato

Snacks: 5 crackerbread or 2 1/2 ryvita, 2 pieces of fruit, 2 litres of diet coke & at least 3-4 litres of water! Black tea or coffee!

I hope this gives you something to work with... I am very intrigued by the Judd diet, would you keep me posted on how your doing? How many cals are you allowed on an up day?



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there isn't a limit on an up day. you are supposed to just eat what you want. i don't quite trust myself to do that, but part of it is the liberation of not counting anything. so i figured i would eat 'normally' with treats. so tomorrow i want to have a panini at the local panini shop which is new and i have had to go in a few times with other people, but they do low fat bikini paninis, ha. so will have one of them, and then a couple of fizzy cola bottles at the cinema tomorrow and i will feel like i'm not dieting. but if i eat carefully the rest of the time my average calories shouldn't top about 1200-1500 so i should lose weight quite well. if you google the johnson up day down day diet there's a calculator on there. on there he suggests up to 2161 on an up day. although he says this might be more or less than you want, the important bit is to stick to the down day calories of under 500 in the first couple of weeks.

i'd quite like to get back into ryvita and laughing cow light again. i used to love that on slimming world. how many cals in an original ryvita?

abz xx
well done Linzi, thats brilliant.......I havent lost any weight as yet ;-(
Yesterday around 930pm, I sneaked into the kitched and I ended up having a small cheese and salad sandwich, after drinking my 3 shakes, I shouldnt be eating on the diet but its the first couple of days that are extremely difficult.....and you get so ravenous......

Today is day 3, weight today, 194lbs........arghhhhhh thought I would have lost at least 2lbs........


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well done ditzee. that's amazing.

and princess, 2lbs in two days is a lot to ask for. stay off the scales until the end of the week!!

abz xx


Call me Linzi...
2lbs is fab... its so difficult not to jump on the scales everyday but I think it does hamper your progress especially if you think they should've moved but haven't!

I'm struggling today had serious shakes before lunch & was soooooo tempted by french bread but I resisted! I know I have to just do 100% for 3-5 days & the cravings go & feel so much better!

Keep at it princessb it will be so worth it when we are celebrating being at goal!!


Call me Linzi...
Day Three:
Well after a flying start yesterday I wasn't so good by the evening!

It was our wedding anniversary & I had steak, peppercorn sauce, roasted vegetables & baby new potatoes (nothing measured)!! Aaaarrrrgh!

On Cohens all I can have is 100g steak, 110g vegetables (no oil & not the veg I ate) NO potatoes or sauce!!!

But I woke really focused today to stick back with it! I have to learn to deal with the little blips & just remain focused instead of thinking I've blown it & carry on eating!

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