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Only another 4 stone 10 pounds to go!!!!!


New to this forum and the first time I've ever posted on any forum, as normally a bit of a shrinking violet.....:eek:

I have really been inspired reading posts on this forum since joining SW 8 weeks ago, it's all going well so far and have lost 1 stone 4 pounds....

But feeling daunted about how much weight I still need to lose, and only just getting over the denial of weighing over 16 and a half stone when I started (my plan of not weighing myself for the past ten years really backfired at that point :D:D).

I also know how my willpower can on occasion go on a long extended holiday, leaving me at home with only chocolate, cakes and crisps for comfort!!!

But this time I promise to be good... honest.......
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The key is to:

A) get in the right mindset that you really want to lose weight and are determined to succeed with SW
B) set yourself smaller goals, so rather than telling yourself you have x amount of stones to lose in total, break it down into smaller chunks
C) don't deprive yourself of the things you enjoy. You can have plenty of syns on SW so if u fancy chocolate, have some, but obviously don't go overboard. Same with the crisps
D) keep a food diary, you will then have a reference of what foods work and what doesn't
E) use minimins for support and inspiration. I do SW from home so minimins is my lifeline, if I need new meal ideas or need help with syn values the lovely people in here are more than willing to help


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Hi ? (can we have a name to call you by or are you so much of a shrinking violet that you prefer to be nameless?!..:D)

Welcome to this fab forum, you have come to the right place for help and support.
Good advice there from Kankles.

The idea that you are alone in your wilting willpower is absolutley not the case, the most of us on here have the same problem and have yoyo dieted over the years, so don't think that you have come to the end of the road when it does happen - as it surely will from time to time!
Just own the blips and carry on with your proposed plan a.s.a.p.

Take care and all the very best to you....:)


Determined to be healthy
Hello! It is daunting isn't it? But I agree... Break it down into smaller targets. I have an incentive bracelet. One you add beads to... For every half a stone I loose I buy a bead...at the end I will be dragging my arm across the floor as I have lost nearly 6 stone and have another 7 to go....but find so ethnic that works for you to remind you how far you have come already... Keep smiling!

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