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OT Bit Fed Up (understatement) UPDATE

Hey there

Just in from work and feeling really pissed off and to be honest very tearful...

Am feeling like I am worth so much more than what I am doing.. the hours are long 12.5 shifts which I work opposite to DA .. he does 3 days on 3 days off.. so dont really have many days off together.. and I am on shift this weekend and monday and I am fed with working weekends when my son is home and my friends are not working..

I am tired, fed up and wondering whether to just throw a sickie tomorrow give myself time.. gather myself together and get on with it or throw it all in...

DA doesnt get it.. he doesnt realise how depressed this is making me and how I feel like it is sucking out my soul.. I know i am usually chipper on here but tonight Im not .. sorry

Whats your thoughts?????
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Is so very nearly there!
Oh god I would throw a sickie and bloody enjoy it :/

Its crap when you hate a job. I cant understand the shifts as I dont work etc..... Keep looking for another job - summat might happen and change it all
You've applied fro a couple of new jobs haven;t you? have you heard anything from them? sorry to hear you're feeling down hun x
Closing date was the 8th.. also filling in forms for the GTTR (should get you to be a referee) but you know when you feel like you just wanna put your head in a blender!!!! I just cant face it tomorrow x


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sorry to hear you so miserable with your job - i've been there and it does drain the soul out of you. work is such a big part of your life you have to, at the very least, be able to tolerate it - and hopefully enjoy it.

as for taking a sickie, i personally think it depends what you do. if you provide a service to a vulnerable, ill or needy person (eg healthcare) then i would say no - they need you and it's not directly their fault you are unhappy at work. however, i do realise that in that kind of work you need to be functioning at 100% for their safety.

personally i would go to work as rostered but organise a day off asap - maybe lie to get it if needs be - but make sure that there is sufficient cover. just my opinion.

hope you feel more positive soon.


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Sorry you are feeling so down:hug99:

The last thing you need to do right now is make a spur of the moment decision about throwing in your job as this is a life changing event and with the scarcity of jobs out there it will not be easy to get a new one.

You need time to calm down and think this over and to make an informed decision when you are feeling less stressed and in a better frame of mind.

Consider all your options as to what you would like to do or could do and how it will it effect your quality of life and living if you do not work.

Find out what is available and speak to someone who can help. Perhaps there are options there to retrain, look for promotion etc.

Everyone does get fed up with their job from time to time and especially at this time of year when the excitement of Christmas is over and the weather is cold and miserable and summer seems a long way off.

You can use how you feel now to motivate you to plan out your future constructively and consider options you might never of thought about before.

All this can be achieved more productively whilst still in gainful employment and your chances of getting a job while still working are much higher than quitting first and seeking a new job...as you will be asked in an interview a host of questions as to why you left etc. This never looks good...

Love Mini xxx
Closing date was the 8th.. also filling in forms for the GTTR (should get you to be a referee) but you know when you feel like you just wanna put your head in a blender!!!! I just cant face it tomorrow x

yup i do know how you feel. id defo be a referee for ya, id say glowing things!! xxx
**hugs** Ems, i would throw a sickie and use the time to think a bit, enjoy the time with DA and family.
Sorry your feeling so low, i do shift work and it can suck, but dont throw it all in right now.
Tell yourself that YOU are going to find a new job and be serious about it.

Hope you feel better soon hun. x x x
yup i do know how you feel. id defo be a referee for ya, id say glowing things!! xxx
What like I have a desire to maim myself with household appliances and boo hoo after a hard day at work.. I guess they would snap me up as a trainee teacher?? :D am calming down and think that I may take tomorrow and Monday off .. will blame D & V x


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So sorry you are feeling so down, I've been there when I've felt I couldn't get myself out of bed to go to work as I hated it so much. Somehow I always managed to go but I could understand anyone who didn't. When I was ill it made me re-evaluate my life and what I was doing with, lifes too short to be doing something you hate. Make your New Year Resolution to seriously try and get a job you'll enjoy even if it means retraining. I hope you feel better soon and keep your chin up something really good could be around the corner.


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Hugs for you hun, it's not like you to be so down. Work really is a big deal considering how much time we spend there. I agree with Edwin though about organising some legit time off asap, the way unemployment's set to go it'll be best to have a squeaky clean record (although if you're never off and really need it then go for it!). The way your personality comes across on here I should think you'd whizz an interview so fingers crossed for your applications.
Sorry I can't be more help but really hoping you feel perkier soon xxx
i totally know how you feel - i went to university in aberdeen in sept and absolultey hated it. i was miserable, lonely and felt like it was changing who i was, from a bubbly person to a quiet withdrawn person. I decided to drop out, because life is too short to spend it being miserable. Pull a sickie, have a duvet day and get rid of that job! Being happy is always the most important thing :) good luck sweetie xxxx
hey emski
I know how yoy feel i wake up every weekday dreading going to work so im looking for another job. Id say if you can and your not going to get into trouble throw a sickie d & v us a good one at the mo because of norovirus, id think long m hardl about walking out of any job at the mo though as its really hard to get another with so many redundancies
happening had 250 applications for a trainee clinical support worker job last week
bloomin mobile chopped off the end of my post!
Enjoy you sickie remember you should be 48 hours free from last nasty incident before returning to work
Hope you find a new job soon gen xx
Thanks everyone.. didnt really decide until the alarm went off this morning.. but as you may guess I am not at work.. so have decided to enjoy the day .. cook a roast .. watch some recorded xmas programmes with my son (he was in NZ for Xmas) and fill in at least 3 applications online.

Again thanks for the support :D


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Ems - lots of hugs from me to you! Trawl the job agency websites as you have the time off, maybe even decide to send some specualtive applications to places you might like to work (get a foot in the door before they advertise). I know how you feel, I used to walk the long way round to work so I wouldn't arrive so early and have a very heavy heart - this is when I put all my weight on by comfort eating. Stay in control of what you can, be strong. What would the implications be if you did decide to leave and had no job to go to? Look at all options and see what's best for you and the family.
cool, glad you're doing something positive though and filling in the applications cos its soooo easy to just mope bout stuff and expect foe things to happen for you and around you xxxx

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