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Other diet bars

Im editing this first post as the thread gets longer, people understandably cant be bothered ploughing through it for the info they want, so all the 'What bar can I have' threads are starting again which kinda defeats the purpose of this sticky

Bars in place of Exante

Biggest Loser Bars (All flavours)
Asda Measure Up Meal Replacement Bars
Tesco Ultra Slim Meal Replacement Bars

Be sure and check its the meal replacement ones not the snack ones.

They are almost identical to Exante, the same rules apply. One per day and they WONT knock you out of Ketosis :)
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The biggest loser bars are MINGING :yuk:

That said, we've said time and again that we all have different tastes and you may like them - I hope you do



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Just be carful of the bars as they may not contain all the vitamins etc that are in the exante ones, shame they don't do an offer on the bars, as thinking of coming back to exante but need the bars for work so would have to buy a box plus all the shakes :rolleyes:
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Im doing biggest loser and the breakfast bars are really good. The chocolate crisp are good they really fill you up in the morning.

I have been known to eat the slimfast ones as well only because they have same cals/protein/carbs etc in them only because there werent any BL ones left.

I don't think your supposed to though because does it not kind of contradict the diet?
I'm steering clear of bars, personal choice but they're too much like choc bars and I'm trying to lose my taste for stuff like that. I'm a sucker for flapjack though, just got to convince myself they're rubbish xx
Believe me Asda staff were almost charging me rent the amount of time I was in that aisle lol As I said I checked every single item in all 3 bars and theyre pretty much identical. The Asda ones are part of a meal replacement plan their own TFR diet :)

Do you think that I could get away with 2 exante prods and an asda one? Can't get away with having Exante bars around as find them too tempting

Diet chef is,on the whole,yummy but I need to try to lose 20lbs sharpish then try the scenic route

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I suppose if they're pretty much the same it doesnt matter? I feel like Im doing 2 different diets when I do this lol
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I have been using the tesco ultra slim meal replacement bars as well as the exante ones, they are pretty identical nutritional wise and it hasn't seem to effected me.

Also the ultra slim raspberry meal bars are yummy!


Joanne Brown
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Really good to know that you could use different bars if you want. So when I come back to exante when I have 2 weeks off. I can just order the shakes and get the bars from asda.
See this is an option im tempted to take cos the exante bars really dont agree with me but i miss havin something to chew lol. Im gonna pop in tomorrow and have a look! Thanks for the tip sandy xx


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Liking this thread lots! Will b popping along to Asda soon! Been doin LT since 3 Feb but just got Exante pack yest and bars r a bit ish.... nice to chew but not great so will try Asda!x
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I've tried the biggest loser mint bar. It was nice to have something to chew but wouldn't describe it as delicious. The asda choc crisp bar is ok as well. Both of these are infinitely better than the atkins bars (choc orange and choc decadence) that I had to attempt to eat today because I'd stupidly forgotten my shakes for a 14 hour day in work. :-( still trying to get the rank, evil taste out of my mouth...
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Biggest loser mint bar was vile! Took one mouthful and had to spit it out! The asda chocolate and toffee one was lovely though!!! Thanks for the tip! X

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