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out with the old

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
well just took the plunge and sorted my wardrobe and drawers out iv thrown away 3 bin bags of clothes away(gulp) my wardrobe is now practically empty but i am determined never ever to go bk to the size i was EVER!! i really dont want to just throw them out but what do you do with size 28/30 clothes???? wish i knew someone to give them too as i know only to well how hard it is buying big clothes. it was a scarey getting rid of it all but quite theraputic too.... im REALLY excited at the thought of filling my wardrobe up again though with eventually nice slim glad rags woo hoo cant wait:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D.
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Hiya Sparkle,
I gave all my clothes to the local charity shops (sizes 24 down to 14s over time) Marie Curie, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research and Cats Protection League. They were all delighted to get plus size womens clothing, as it sells very well apparently.
Some shops will even collect it from you, if you'd struggle to get it to the shop.
Well done on your loss, getting rid of the "fat" clothes is a great idea to prevent slipping backwards, good on you!

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
thanks cathy i will do that dont want them to just go to waste.must admit it did take a lot of courage to pack it all up but made me feel even more determined to get to were i want to be ..u have done amazing what a achievement staying on this so long congratulations x


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Just noticed you're a fellow Scouser!
There are loads of charity shops in Old Swan, not far from me and the cat one is in Wavertree High Street.
You're halfway there now, keep it up! xx


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Why don't you put them on ebay?? I bet there's loads of people who don't like shopping for those sizes but look out for things on line... just a thought. x

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
good idea maybe the better stuff i could do that with it would help to buy some new stuff im down to hardly anything but dont want to sound mean but while im still loosing its a waste of money.
I only sorted my wardrobes out this weekend, something I had meant to do a couple of months back. I gave some to family and friends and what was no good for them went to the local charity shop. There were brand new dresses still with the price tags on them never worn.

The feeling when you get rid of them is tremendous. I made myself a solemn vow I would NEVER get back to the size I was.


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sparkle well done :D

how about ebaying your clothes?
I have just done that and managed to make £60 - and to think i was guna chuck it all out!!!


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Great advice think i may look into the ebay site, just think selling your old big clothes to fund your sexy smaller ones....Recycle recycle recycle!!! x So Lt is making your wardrobe lighter too

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
yes im definately going to put my fat clothes on ebay and send rest of the stuff to womens aid there coming to pick them up later, so that will be it then no no no going back its a great feeling getting rid of the clothes i nevr felt truly comfortable in and looking forward to feeling and looking great in new stuff funded from my fatty clothes. x
I've given all my size 20 & 18 clothes to someone who sends them out to Africa.....hope there are some larger ladies out there...if not, they can always use the dresses as tents, maybe?

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
I've given all my size 20 & 18 clothes to someone who sends them out to Africa.....hope there are some larger ladies out there...if not, they can always use the dresses as tents, maybe?
ha ha ha!! but what a good idea lol! x

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