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party clothes problem

:sigh: im off to a party tomorrow night - have just been told its jeans rather than dressy

- usually i would have been really happy to wear jeans but im really disappointed as i wanted to wear my new short black dress and strappy heels!

what a good problem to have tho - i would never have dreamt that i would want to be wearing a dress and showing off my legs, lol :flirt2:

so jeans it is - actually i may wear a different shorter dress and jeggings and boots so all is not lost!

now just got to keep away from the buffet table....

daisy x
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woooooo I love jeggings! I have some gorgeous ones from New Look and Next. I am not a fan of the denim look leggins but the denim feel skinny jeggings are tip top and look fab with knee high boots and a to/tunic/dress!

I know what you mean about the jeans/dress thing! I loved dressing up last Saturday whereas before I would have worn all black and done my best to blend into the crowd!

You will look gorgeous whatever you wear! Have a fab time hun!

Kat xx


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I cant keep up with you guys!!! Ive never heard of jeggings!!! I thought it was a typo!!! lol

I have figured out what they are, but I must say, I feel a very frumpy thirty right now!!
Nooo Mel - you are in your best years hun! Go for it! xx
Daisy, you're so gorgeous you could wear pretty much anything and still look fab! I agree that jeggings/leggings might be the way to go

I find that these days, now that I'm wearing nicer clothes I often feel a bit overdressed. Not sure if it's just something to get used to, it's not like I'm going out in ballgown and tiara on the school run! I only wear those to the supermarket....
lol snorks

thanks but unfortunately not everything looks good on me - i certainly couldn't wear leggings/jeggings without knee length boots and i was looking at magic knickers in debenhams today to hold in my tummy.
i was a bit annoyed tho as they were all big sizes - im assuming they do smaller sizes as i def stil could do with a bit of help.... (runs off to search the on internet...)

daisy x
I love jeggings too ~ I have been wearing tunics and leggings/jeggings pre LL to cover up my blubber, but to look like you in them Daisy would make me very happy!

You will look great whatever you decide. You're not just slim, you're very pretty too. xx :)
I am looking forward to start wearing some high street fashions. I have started experimenting a bit with family members cast offs, but i am not buying anything yet.
Love the boots and leggings look! Jeggings is a new one on me and there isn't much in the fashion world I haven't bought yet!! off to google....

I've been wearing a mini dress/long jumper and black knitted tights today. I'll try and get OH to take a pic.
Not sure about jeggings. I think I'm a bit old for them. Fun though.............


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I have been noticing people wearing them and I said to OH the other day that it reminds me of the late '80's. We wore them then too and I lived in Ski pants.:D

Now they were great for boots because of the foot strap! I notice leg warmers are back again too.:eek:


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The 80's are back in the biggest of ways, have you not seen all the neon about!!! Lol, makes me laugh having been there first time round. Shoulder pads are back in too how very Dynasty :)




Is back in the saddle!
And they're thinking of bringing back Dallas!! John Ross and Christopher will be the focus with possible visits from JR et al!!

(I refuse to have a shaggy perm again and my phone is fine not brick sized and with a strap for the battery!!:rolleyes::p)


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Heheheee, what is a clanger is that my mom went and got a bloody shaggy perm - jesus wept, I did tell her it looked lovely albeit personally I think her previous hairstyle was better!! Frankie Goes to Hollywood are doing a massive 25 year later relaunch of Relax, and those t shirts are about , remember them??? "frankie say relax" etc, so waiting for the wham "choose life" t shirts to come out too. Hahahah remember neon cut off gloves, omg, the 80's flashbacks........

The eighties styles definitely belong back in the 80s! All the groups are reforming too Aaargghh.

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