Passing carbs through.....kissing......he he he

I am not sure but I have had some nice "tastes" of garlic bread and curry that way and haven't come out of ketosis yet ! ;) :D
Hi Unreal

You been taking advantage of some poor drunkard?

Sure you'll survive, not sure about him though!

Dizzy x
Your "friend"

Yeah ok Unreal I believe you .. thousands wouldn't eh? lol!

Good on you though ... just read your blog and you sound on top of the world ... so positive and full of beans!!!

Well done!

I'm feeling quite good this week .. just hope weigh in tonight is more successful than last week!

Oh yeah Burt, good luck!!!!!!!! I hope you lose more....!!!

Yeah i am happy, but he hasn't text me back STILL GRR ITS SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!

Play it cool or text him? I really dont know...

Good luck honey!

weight loss this week

... only another 3lb so am losing really slowly but have lost 3 inches from waist!
But still only a total of 6lb in 2 weeks ....
Not happy ... wanted to lose 2 stone by xmas ... I won't now if I carry on like this ..... :(
Hows the man stuff going?
Oh burt.........thats still good, think about weight watchers you would still be pleased with those results wouldnt you?

Are you drinking enough water?

The man stuff is ok, he called me yesterday after i sent him a cheeky text saying i enjoy how he takes a few years to reply to my text messages! We had a nice convo - he's a very nice boy!

Am going to update my blog tonight, its gotten off the cambridge subject a little bit though!

So, are you going to do anything differently this week?

Think positive Hayley lol!

Right well I have a confession to make Lauren!

Last night hubby came home and told me about a wonderful new job hes been offered .... hes been after it for ages as its a much bigger company!

He wanted to celebrate by going for a meal and what not but we came to an agreement, rather than meal out with drink and loads of courses we would eat in .. BUT .... we had Indian ..... I didn't manage half as much as I normally would which is good and I tried to make healthier choices.

Unfortunately its knocked me out of ketosis but I'm back on the wagon today .. I just feel really guilty for doing it .... felt sick today too and I didn't even touch a drop of alcohol! Well that will teach me!

Hopefully I won't have gained anything but I doubt it'll do much for my loss this week! I actually think if I lose another 3lb this week I'd be happy as I had that naughty food!

As for water consumption I usually have about 4 or 5 litres a day ... CDC said thats great.

Tummys rumbling now so better go drink a gallon of water lol!!

Hayley sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How was the indian.........was it yummy.........what did you eat..........yummy!!

You will soon realise that it just isnt worth it as it disappoints you and makes you feel ill - you won't cheat again!!

Im fed up tonight was going to update my blog but cant be arsed - having a really crap day!!

You will be pleased if you lose 3lbs but then again you might think its ok to eat more food as you will still lose weight.

No way pedro!

I am not eating another morsal until my add a meal week ..... I feel so ashamed of eating ..... yeah I felt ill after .... and yeah it so wasn't worth it (can't believe I just said that!)
I hope I don't go off my fave foods completely lol!!!

Just joshing - so long as I still love my chicken caesar salad as much as I always have done I'll be happy!

I hope I continue to lose weight again this week and that slip up didn't set me back .... could really give meself a short sharp kick for doing it, but at least it wasn't as much as I thought I could actually eat .... and I threw the rest away to resist temptation of picking on it later! So I think I am gradually getting better on the food obsession side of things.
AND was only out of ketosis for 1 day so feel fine today!

Thanks Fair ..... nice to know people don't frown on me caving in the other night - it was a one off ... not doing it again ... such a waste of food too!

Lauren .... why was your day so crappy hun? Just read your blog ..... make sure that Rugby fella does all the chasing .. I know its hard but resist the temptation to text him first all the time! Been there!!! lol!