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  1. losemenow

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    Hi all

    I have posted my introduction in the PCOS section for anyone reading this http://www.minimins.com/pcos/340859-combatting-pcos-ibs.html#post7290582

    Monday 12[SUP]th[/SUP] May 13, 2014 Week 1 Day 1

    To heal my gut and help the IBS Im drinking a KEFIR smoothie in the morning.

    • KEFIR yoghurt
    • Coconut Water
    • Spinach
    • Frozen Berries
    • Half an avocado
    • Honey

    MISO soup from Vital Ingredients salad bar

    2 pieces or 70% dark chocolate
    Fresh lemon and ginger tea

    Sweet potatoes baked in organic butter and coconut oil, tomato puree, garlic and honey served with prawns and chorizo

    Loads of water

    Tuesday May 14, 2014 Week 1 Day 2

    KEFIR smoothie

    Naked burrito from TORTILLA- chicken, rice, fresh salsa, beans, lettuce

    Carrot, Broccoli, Corn and Spinach soup
    Left over sweet potato from yesterday

    Resistance exercise

    Loads of water. Bed by 10pm
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  3. bexi100

    bexi100 Well-Known Member

    Here to subscribe. Am keen to find out how you get on with your weight loss, and health improvements. Good luck on your journey, I will keep popping back to see how you get on.
  4. losemenow

    losemenow Well-Known Member

    Hi Bexi

    Thanks for your comment. I will most definitely keep you updated. The plan I am doing is via www.frankpersonaltraining.com Frankettes :) It is 14 weeks but Ive stopped and started however am doing it solidly now this week so I have 6 and a half weeks left. Frank has told me just to use these weeks to focus on gut health, getting the diet right and destressing as opposed to the exercise plan too. So Im just doing my bit but already I feel a lot better :)

    Wednesday 14[SUP]th[/SUP] May 13, 2014 Week 1 Day 1

    I was up early and didnt prepare anything which is honestly the reason I normally fall down. Have a conference at work today so had some fruit skewers to keep me going

    Conference lunch- having a mixture of salads, vegetables and protein (anything Gluten free really)

    Conference dinner- cant remember what the menu is but think Im save enough. Will tread with caution :)

    Not drinking enough water today so need to make an effort now for the rest of the day....
  5. losemenow

    losemenow Well-Known Member

  6. losemenow

    losemenow Well-Known Member

    Had a weigh in today and am pretty happy. Am down to 15 stone 10 lbs :) Have eased up off the plan a bit in the sense that I am eating clean and healthy but in the bid to lead a normal life whilst making better choices Im not being 100% paleo e.g. my boyfriend took me for dinner last night to Honest burger. I had a gluten free burger bun and some chips, but I didnt have my normal onion rings, desert, diet coke and I had eaten a big chicken salad for lunch. Can definitely notice I am making changes a lot more easily but a lot of that is down the the IBS and knowing that a lot of the food is just not worth being two hours in the bathroom at work. Plus my energy isnt amazing still, its better but no way near where it should be for my age. Next week I am hoping to get back to walking and yoga :)

    Off to Dublin for the weekend today. Feeling optimistic about my food choices, also find that the fact Ive actively taken the decision to cut out/ give up booze until I feel better is helping. I may allow myself a glass of red wine or some vodka sodas on sunday but thats it.

    Still taking all my supplements, my kefir yoghurt and cutting back on sugar. Ill keep you all update on how the weekend goes when I am back on Monday

    Happy bank holiday everyone x
  7. losemenow

    losemenow Well-Known Member

    So ive been feeling pretty rubbish lately, not performing amazingly at work and just in general felt tired and overwhelmed. My best friend who is a GP wreckons Im not getting enough good carbs. Ive always had an issue with blood sugars. So Im off the Frankette plan officially, and instead just focusing on slowly eliminating gluten, dairy, red meat and sugar and just gradually building up to a cleaner lifestyle with very limited alcohol.

    First up is gluten and together with this Ill be focusing on, will limit other dairy and have cut out all forms of beef as I cannot digest it but all in all Im happy to really focus on giving up gluten. I think everything at once was too much.

    Have also bought a weightloss hypnotics track on Group on by Sam Weller. Did this more to encourage my head space into a more positive self image.

    Feeling happier today and already in better form but super tired.

    breakfast was gluten free toast, 1 scrambled egg and some spinach

    lunch is jacket potato, beans and some cheddar

    dinner sweet pototo, spinach and bacon soup- homemade

    period is due so allowing myself a treat reeses peanut butter cups x2 and some coffee made with almond milk (Wooops also had some minstrels and m and m peanuts!)

    Doing a 30 day fitness challenge so today is day 1 and working in will be my half an hour hypnotics track

    Bed for 10.30 xx
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