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I saw one of the men at my work yesterday and he'd lost a load of weight. After checking he was OK healthwise, it turns out he's lost 5 1/2 stone on LL. He's got another stone to go to target.

He looks fantastic and much less like a heart attack about to happen! He was really big before and ruddy faced and flushed looking all the time.

Not one person at work said he looked good. He got a load of comments about how the weight'll come on as fast as it came off, LL didn't sound good for you, the tough bit will be keeping the weight off and not to lose anymore even though he is clearly not underweight.

We've never really worked closely together, but I really felt sorry for him. I was the ONLY person who said well done, he looked great and ackowledged the effort he's put in.

Everyone afterwards said how gaunt and ill he looked. And he didn't at all. It wasn't even that these were jealous overweight men, even the thin ones were mean.

You'd have thought it would have killed them to be nice. What is wrong with people?!
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how awful... after the willpower and determination that it takes to lose 5 1/2 stone, they should have been congratulating him, instead of undermining his success.

That's one thing that annoys me when people find out that i'm on CD, they're very quick to point out about some vague example of someone who lost a load of weight on a VLCD and then quickly piled it all back on again. True, if you go back to old eating habits that will happen. However, it can happen with any diet, i've been to ww before and the number of times that i've heard people say "the FIRST time i did ww i lost..."

People should have the benefit of the doubt and shouldn't be tarred with the same brush. If anything would drive that man back to old habits its the constant negative remarks. He should be congratulated, its not easy sticking to a diet and making a success of it, like he has.

Personally on CD, i've never felt as well... i've got all the vitamins and minerals that my body needs to stay healthy from the packs, and to be honest, people eating 'proper' food, in a lot of cases, aren't getting as much nutrition as we are.


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A lot of people feel resentful when others make positives changes in their lives...it reminds them that they are standing still and doing nothing.
I think he has done bloody well sticking to LL for all those months and losing all that weight. And I would tell him so too. :D
Hope you pointed him to minimins!

It can be a good opportunity to find out who your real friends are - and make a few other changes in your life apart from just the weight.


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one of my friends lost immense amounts of weight doing a low carb diet and when he went back home to see his friends one of the comments was "awww, but now we don't get to call you fat dan any more".

he wasn't particularly impressed with their response, nor with the fact that they used to call him fat dan...

abz xx


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Aww that's awful!:( He's done fab! Most people have been very encouraging during the time I've been losing weight, though there's been a wee touch of jealousy and bitchiness from a couple of family members! :rolleyes:
I have to say everyone I have told about Lipotrim has been really encouraging. I'll have to see if that changes the closer I get to goal.


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Well done you for paying him his well deserved compliments!!!
Some people are just scared of change, and are very negative people that just try to see the bad points to everything, i hope he brushes their comments off which is extremely hard sometimes..........and proves them and their theories wrong! I have had everything that was said to him said to me, and it just seems to be human nature to think negatively, and even though its very sad, some people just cant be happy for other people!

Diane xx

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