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pharmacists stopping my LT at bmi 25??

:confused: Hi peeps one thing that really bugs me about the lipotrim is that my pharmasists is so persisting they stop my lt at bmi of 25 the highest healthy bmi? so if i put just a little bit on ill be then on the overweight range. i explained to them id like to be 9stone which brings my bmi 21 but thats still healthy but she wants to stop me at 10 st 10 which im not happy with. any one else not happy with what there pharmasist choice of your bmi?
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personally my pharmascist is guided by me, sounds like you have a no it all pushy one there... cross that bridge when you come to it but what is she gonna do, refuse to sell it to you??!! i doubt it, they obviously make money... let her know whos in charge lol...
LOL thanks hun i do feel a bit better its just bit stupid to put me on the highest healthy bmi range. im just thinking god forbid if i do pile on some pounds ill be on the overweight range as the bmi she recomended for my heidght is on the border of overweight range. xx
Both of the pharmacists that do LT in my area are exactly the same.
I'm pretty much at 25 now so it seems my financial need to move to Exante wasn't such a bad idea anyway. According to Exante you can tfr until your BMI gets to 20.
LT pharmacists also have some weird BMI scale. They think I got to 25 5 pounds ago whereas with every other one I've seen I'm only reaching it now??
I've been reading the posts about the BMI and everything, that's something my pharmasist has not done with me at all.

They haven't said anything about the BMI or weight I should be at for my height and when I should be stopping.
id be a littel peeved too, doesnt seem right does it, like u say put a bit on and your over its silly, i want to be 10 stone but am going under to 9 n half in case a gain alittle, my lovely lady just says stop when you look in the mirror and are happy with what you see
Thanks guys ill talk to her when i reach my goal and negotiate with her to stop me at 10 stone instead and if she doesnt like lisaberry i will consider xante, found out there much cheaper anyway. and do i agree thier scales are weird, the hospital bmi chart for my hieght and if they were to stop me at 10.10 puts me in the overweight category but on their chart its just reach the healthy weight?? thanks guys xx

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