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Phew what a scorcher!!


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Today didn't go as planned, it was far, far too hot to go to the gym so that was out. I was working til 1 so decided to make the most of my afternoon off with a bbq. I've been working a lot lately and tomorrow I have to spend all day cooped up in a school as ds1 is taking part in a chess tournament yawn! So I've gone over my syns but will take it as a flexi day.

Hope you all had fun!

Roz x
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I've not done so well today, I went to the beach with my friend and we had sausage and chips and some chocolate and candy floss. I also got a bit burnt! We had a good day but I don't think the scales are going to like it!


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Well we have to make the most of the good weather while it's here so don't feel guilty! I'm taking the scenic route anyway LOL

Roz x
It rained here all day and we had flash floods while I was on the motor way

Nanny Jax

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If I was'nt such an angelic sort I would have sausage and chips from a shop and not my oven too! but I am lol, we had a dreadful storm here last night I was at home alone and I was terrified, it was so noisy, I was scared to use the P.C so went to bed quite early, surprisingly enough though, today has been lovely.


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Ohh it is so hot today isn't it. It did go a little cloudy here this morning and looked like the heavens were going to open, but it changed its mind and went sunny again.
It was scorching here yesterday and is looking to be another hot one today. I was a tad naughty yesterday - we went to a BBQ last night and I tried to be pretty good but the desert of M&S profitta (sp) rolls were just crying out to me! xxx


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It's looking like it's going to be a nice day again here too but the only place I'm going is karate and kickboxing! We don't have the car at the moment as it is being repaired so we can't take advantage of the sunshine and go anywhere. Boo hoo
It's gorgeous isn't it, I've just done two loads of washing and its drying nicely outside in the garden.

Still hate being fat in the summer though!!!


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So do I Lou, it's so uncomfortable and there is always the problem of either wearing something that will keep you cool and makes you look like a bag of sh*te or wearing something that looks good but isn't so cool
Taz and Lou its as though you and me are one and the same this morning - I too have done two loads of washing this morning... well the second ones on now. And I have also had a gazillion changes of clothes (well not quite, tried on three vest tops, one was actually too big and the other two just 'didn't look right') so I have put on a good old M&S pair of cropped linen/jeans type things with a t-shirt, but was a bit annoyed cos thought Id been doing so well and looking good recently (dont get me wrong Im no size 10) but then this morning I felt as fat as ever! Oh well xxx


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I was supposed to be going to karate and kickboxing today but Mr Taz won't take me so I've not got any other plans now unless my Mum decides to go somewhere nice and then I will go out with her


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hahaa i hate wearing FAT CLOTHES - i went for an hour and half walk along a rugged bit of coastline yesterday and had to wear black cropped trousers and a black jersey top - not exactly exercise clothes but something i normally wear to work!...but nothing else fits comfortably enough to go walking.

didn't realise how hot it was - i was SWEATING! and my fingers went like sausages, but so did my friends, so thankfully it was the heat that did it!

had a bbq with quorn sausages, quorn burgers, hex a's and b's and ketchup... ate loads and had to lie down!

i worked out i burnt just under 1000 calories for my walk - so that's the pizza hut burnt off from the other night :) i may go for a bike ride this evening when it's cooler...but then again i may not!


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Aaaargh I would love to go for a bike ride my my bike is at my grans house as I have nowhere to keep it here. S'not fair
I've just gone for the bag of sh*te option with clothes today!! Got a vest top and 3/4 length trousers on. I really hate my bingo wings, but I figure I care more about being comfy than what other people think (only when I'm at home though - will cover up with a shrug later).

Oh well, I figure my bingo wings will look less horrific if I get a bit of a tan...

Hope everyone is enjoying today xxx
It is sooooo beautiful out there and I'm stuck in work! Work at the airside of the airport too, so I can't even just pop out for my break. I'm off on wed and thurs this week though and the weather looks like its going to be nice on those days. Can't wait. I hope its nice enough to go to the beach on thurs.
Its roasting here today. yippee


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I did go out today but not in the sun, which is probably a good thing as I got a little burnt yesterday! I went shopping with my mum then to visit my Nan. It was better than being cooped up in the house all day, I would have been soooooooo bored
Im burnt to a friggin crisp

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