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Pilates - wow!


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I joined a gym yesterday, as now need to think about exercising regularly and definitely toning up as well.

They run various classes, so this morning I joined the Pilates one, thinking it would be a nice gentle introduction to my new healthier lifestyle - blimey, I can hardly move now! I really thought it would be a doddle, particularly as I was definitely the youngest in the class, and by quite a long way in some cases. Well, I'm ashamed to say I couldn't even DO some of the moves, and I'm dreading how I'm going to feel tomorrow! Back to swimming for me I think :rolleyes:
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Jo B

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I started Pilates about 5 weeks ago and love it - I was in agony after the first time but since then it's been fine. Definitely persevere with it, I am really hoping it's going to help tone up the stomach!


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Thanks both - I'll give it another go next week and see how I feel - I can definitely see how it can help strengthen the muscles (if it doesn't kill you first!) :)
sounds good! stick with it a couple of weeks it will get easier i'm sure
daisy x
Never been to a class, have done DVD's, well worth it. I'm a totally different, much nicer toned shape than I ever was before I piled the weight on.

Give it another go, you'll soon see the differeence, well worth it.


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Thanks all, I'll definitely persevere for a few more weeks - but my god can I feel it today!! Worse thing is I've got a bit of a cough and cold at the mo, and every time I sneeze or cough, my stomach KILLS me!!! Ah well, no pain no gain and all that! :D

Feeling very virtuous today - as well as the torture yesterday, I got up early and went and swam 30 lengths this morning - I'm determined to get my membership's worth, and get fitter!
Well done you Lucy

I've been THINKING about doing Pilates and that makes me feel exhausted!


Is back in the saddle!
Ooo SB!!! :D

I have several DVDs and used to do it quite a bit of the Yogalates. I must admit I liked it. No hash bouncing about banging into things just gentle, relaxing, intense movements that get results.

Now where did I put those DVDs........................?


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Lucy you should perservere. I am currently doing pilates and even though I find it difficult to do some of the moves due to my weight, I am really enjoying it and it will help in the long run in helping with toning up.

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