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started eating less, healthier and working out about 2 months ago im 3 stone down but now its getting difficult. ill burn approximately atleast 1100cals per day with workout alone according to the calorie counter on the bike. i cycle statiornary at least 30 km per day and do weight training 3 times per week trying to imcorporate as much muscles as i can. obviously my muscle mass has increased. i am quite disciplined and have no snacks, fizzy juice i.e. coke, fanta. or take away food or dreaded chocolate. WHY have i stopped losing weight. i dont think i'm in starvation mode i will still be eating up to 1300 cals per day but probebly no more. i'm 20yo now weigh 16st2lb im 6'1" tall. any questions, info is welcome. thankyou. daniel.
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Crikey - your exercise efforts are phenomenal, well done you! But if you're burning 1100 in exercise then boy do you need to eat more than 1300! Your basal metabolic rate is probably a lot more than 1300 calories before you even factor in 1 calorie of exercise!

I think you're putting your poor old body through too much right now - but you have to go by how you feel. Are you exhausted/lethargic, or is the exercise energising you? If you're feeling dodgy, then I'd cut the exercise to a more manageable level. Whatever you do, I would definitely up your calorie intake, just to give you the much-needed fuel for your exercise and keep your metabolism ticking over.

One good way to eventually cut through a plateau is to gradually raise your calories, maybe focus on holding your weight steady for a couple of weeks while still eating a good 300-400 more calories, then gradually dip the calories a little bit (by 100-150) and the weight seems to slide off well. Calorie cycling can be a good strategy for keeping your body/metabolism guessing - instead of having 1700 every day (which should perhaps be your absolute minimum at your weight, height and level of activity!), try having 2000 one day, 1400 the next, 1900 the day after, 1500 the next day, etc. Chopping and changing and having some variety in terms of what you eat and when you eat it can really help keep the metabolism ticking over and avoid plateauing.

Good luck!

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