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Hey guys,
Last week I lost 2.4lbs and this week it looks as though I will only lose 1.2lbs tomorrow. I've remained 100% SS throughout, so the small losses are really demotivating as CD is expensive for me. I'm not sure whether I need to move up to SS+ for a week to restart my metabolism, but will speak to my CDC. I've been 100% so to lose 3.6lbs in 2 weeks will be really disappointing for me.
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I know what you mean... I'm on week 3 and I'm actually looking at a STS week! :confused: I've been 100% all the way.

But as you are a good few weeks into this it may be that your metabolism has ground to a halt and needs a bit of a boost. Talk to your CDC about a week of SS+ or even 810, just to see what happens.

I ought to mention that you may have shrunk in other ways.....

I measured myself and in the last 4 days I've lost 1" off my bust and hips and 1.5" off my waist, despite the scales not budging one little bit... my weigh day is on Wednesday, and I'll be surprised if I see a 1lb loss at this rate!

I know that nothing else will work as fast as CD does, so I'm just accepting that this is how it is for now.


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Thanks Alipally! It's just so frustrating as I've remained 100% and still have quite a long way to go. I'm not asking for 5lbs every week, it's just I'd really like to lose around 10-11lbs per month. I will see what the last few weeks of August brings x
Hi Sbridge, I had a sts in week 3 too. Do you exercise? Sometimes this can stall the scales, but measurements do change. I had my CDC do my measurements last visit cos I knew they were changing but never did them!

Could it be fluid retention or totm? As these both have an effect on the scales.

I have an appointment with my personal trainer this evening to do some metabolism raising exercises as first time round I found the aam week so hard, once I was 'allowed' food the mental battle kicked in.

You are still losing....please don't get downhearted as you are doing so well and have come such a long way and at the moment you are still averaging just over 5lb a week.... much more than any other diet!

Stick with it hun and it will drop off soon.... I promise.... how can it not at 400 odd calories a day?



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Thanks so much amm541 :) I guess I just became stuck in the pattern of losses. CD is so much faster than any other diet and has made me so much happier. I will definitely stick with it. Thanks for putting it into perspective x
You are very welcome (thanks for the rep too) .... we can do this together. I felt very similar at the end of week 3, however for me to get to goal in the time needed I can't go near ss+ yet, plus I know mentally when I start eating I want to eat more, and I'm just not ready for that yet!
I've had similar losses some weeks and I know it's a real kick in the teeth :( unfortunately I don't know of any quick fixes except keep up the good work and it will pay off more again.

For motivation in the meantime, try finding a pair of pants in your wardrobe that are just a little too tight, and try them on again after your next weigh in. Even if the scales don't show a big loss, I'll bet you'll still see a difference in your clothes. This got me through a rough patch where I only lost a total of 3lbs in as many weeks. Hope it picks up for you again soon!


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Thanks NicolaR :) It's just so frustrating, especially when your sticking to it 100% Did you try moving to SS+ on those weeks to see if it made a difference? You've had some really great losses, even with those small weeks. 50lbs in 12 weeks is amazing, only hope I get a nice loss next week. Thanks again x
NicolaR, your losses are amazing.... hope I do aswell!
Thanks :) no I stayed on SS but I did cut down on the bars as I was eating 1 per day so went down to 3 per week. Now I cut my bars in 1/2 and have 1/2 bar and 1/2 soup in the evenings so that they last longer ;)

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