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Please do NOT buy these on ebay!


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Hi all,
Read the sad story in today's newspaper of a young lady who bought some slimming pills on ebay and died after taking several of them with the hope of losing weight.
Please let's all be cafeful in our bid to lose weight and use only recognised products from recommended and approved sources.
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OMG that is horrendous :-( I must confess to having bought Hoodia tablets on ebay a year or so ago, I was very lucky and it was nothing dodgy (apart from probably being a placebo). Never again.


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That's the problem, you don't know what you are buying when you buy from places like ebay.
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oh no thats terrible, i am sure i read about this on the ebay forums, the seller was still selling them :(

I won't even by cream of ebay .. I just bought some mineral powder (makeup) of a well known avon seller, it was sealed, but thats my limit!


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i no you have to be carefull as i done this to loose weight and never used them!
Oh dear, that is the worry when everything is so readily available and desperate people can't see any other way around their situations. How sad
That story is so tragic but I can see why she did it.
After loosing 3 stone on the Atkins I found that I could not shift anymore. I worked like a demon in the gym watched what I ate only to end up looking more and more like a male rugby player with legs and butt cheeks like steel.
Eventually I went to my GP for help and asked for the slimming pill. (My sister had been prescribed them by her GP and lost shed loads). Anyway he refused to prescribe them and gave me Xenical. After several ‘accidents’ and the combination of heavy periods due to fibroids (I have since had a hysterectomy) I went back saying that I was struggling to manage the side effects within my job. I’m a social worker and not every household has a useable toilet (if you know what I mean) plus I did not think doing a number two in someone else’s toilet is appropriate.
He still refused saying that I have to loose weight before he would prescribe them……………………duh!!
I was quite desperate at the point but luckily my internet search took me to the Cambridge diet website which was extremely successful, legitimate and monitored – but I could have easily made another choice………. I also found this website!!

Its no wonder people resort to unvetted methods when there is so much pressure to be slim yet some medics seem unhelpful.

Aislinn x


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Years ago I asked my doctor for xenical and they said I would have to lose 3lb first. It doesn't sound like a lot but at the time, and the reason I was asking for them, I had no idea how to even lose 1lb! So I told the doctor that if I could lose it on my own I wouldn't be sat there asking for help and left. Had I been on the internet then I may have gone looking for them elsewhere myself as I was desperate at the time


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Hi Still1, us slimmers are a target for any and every scam going, we have to be careful of what is on offer. Generally if it seems too good to be true it probably is!
what!!!!! we dieters are some money maker whatever people prey? iam on Cambridge Diet. it took me weeks , and some days for my doctor to go through the form, before i start this diet. you know how xiting it is when u found something new. i was in hurry to start but my counsellor would not allow me until i knew what i was getting into than someone refer me to a site, i bought so pills but never got time to take them. now i know something who will be happy to take them. MY RUBBISH BIN.


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You just never know what you are getting when you buy online. There are lots of genuine sellers but because us dieters tend to be desperate folk at times we are unfortunately preyed upon by people who want to make a quick buck


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My heart hurts just reading this story it so sad. Im just in tears, to think that this young person lost her life because of weight.


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It makes you realise how lucky we all are to have found a place like this doesn't it?! Maybe if more people who are that desperate had people to talk to like we do then this sort of thing could be avoided


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I am guilty of buying Lipobind and Proactol on Ebay!! I make sure I go to a power seller who has a fab rep. Last time I bought it from an online pharmacist and reasearched the company prior to buying. I have seen them cheaper on Ebay, but with Sellers who I am unsure about so I didn't want to risk it.........after reading this I'm happy I made that choice.
Thats terrible. Its so right that there are so many sellers out there just falling over themselves to exploit people in need.

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