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Please give me support!! 2013 will be my year!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Mummyof2boys29, 1 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Mummyof2boys29

    Mummyof2boys29 Full Member

    Hi I had a thread before but noone posted and I felt very on my own so gave up with it!
    I have lost 2 stone so far but put 6lb on over Xmas! I am back on plan tomorro!! And getting weighed Tuesday the 8th I want a good loss.
    I got slimmer of the month just before Xmas and an soo proud!! :)

    My oh is doing it with me this time so be good for more support there.

    Inwish u luck 2013 is OUR year!!

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  3. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member


    Don't stop with the thread- I am just starting sw again today and these posts by others who have lost have really inspired me! Your loss so far is great and there is no shame over an Xmas gain!! That's only human.

    Really feel I'm in the right frame of mind this year. I couldn't wait to get started.

    Good luck!!

  4. calirose

    calirose Full Member

    Good luck with it!! You are never alone on this website, everyone is so friendly! :) I hope it goes well for you, it's nice to have the support from your OH! :) x
  5. Mummyof2boys29

    Mummyof2boys29 Full Member

    Thank you for the replies ?

    Well day one back on track has been very positive!! Although I have a serious chocolate addiction and need to address this I have an actual aching craving right now for some I was going to have a small fudge but thinking I need to resist and try get away from it!
    I have kept busy today as been really hungry but this is probs because I have stuffed my face for a week with so much naughty but nice food!

    Food diary -


    Wholemeal roast chicken and salad sandwich - hexB and free
    Salad cream light - 2 syns
    Light spread- 2 syns (annoyed cos really didn't need this!!)

    Orange and apple - free

    Uncle bens chicken rice - 2.5 syns

    2x chicken legs - free
    Salad - free
    Jacket potato - free
    Cheese - hexA
    Maggi so juicy - 2.5 syns
    Salad cream light - 2 syns

    11 syns

    Feeling good :)

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  6. calirose

    calirose Full Member

    Sounds like you have had a great first day! Well done :) I was just saying to someone else, sometimes chocolate cravings for me are worse when i've eaten loads of chocolate! When I don't eat any for a while they subside a bit! But as long as you are within your syn points for the day it doesnt matter! :) xx
  7. CiaraDaisy

    CiaraDaisy Silver Member

    Good luck to you and your husband! Don't give up on the thread, it can be really useful just writing things down in it! I spend most of my food diary talking to myself :)
  8. bex196

    bex196 Full Member

    Hi there,I too have just restarted today but my last real attempt was nearly two years ago and then I got pregnant.looks like you have had a fairly good few days.I'm a chocolate fiend I love love it,I read somewhere that it takes three days for sugar to leave your body. I've major sugar cravings too its definitely like a drug for me the more I have the more I want. Good luck with your journey.
  9. sammiec

    sammiec Full Member

    Just been sat studying my books etc!!

    Sounds like you have had a really good day. Although its my first day on this site!!

    I really wish you lots of luck.......!
  10. Mummyof2boys29

    Mummyof2boys29 Full Member

    Aw Thankyou everyone!! I couldn't have asked for a better response to my post :D thanks again

    I feel like I am hooked on ciggies and trying to get off them!! I hope your theory is right that sugar leaves your body after 3 days! I'm hoping to resist all chocolate and sweet things so I don't crave like this again.

    The new SW mag is really good I'm getting inspired!

    Off to make oh's packed lunch now to keep him on plan ?

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  11. Mummyof2boys29

    Mummyof2boys29 Full Member

    Bex and Sammie how have you found today on plan? X

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  12. bex196

    bex196 Full Member

    I've actually found it fine, but the evening times are my downfall I'm currently chewing gum so as not to eat anything I shouldn't. But I'm aware that I always start well and then get complacent so the challenge is to keep the focus.
  13. CiaraDaisy

    CiaraDaisy Silver Member

    I'm like that bex the evenings are so difficult! Hard to stop munching
  14. emmalou0709

    emmalou0709 Full Member

    Evenings are my downfall too... I then to graze all evening so am trying to resist the urge!!! We just need to make sure that we rally each other along when we are feeling a bit of a wobble coming on!! :) xxx
  15. sammiec

    sammiec Full Member

    I've found it ok. Although haven't been to the gym always been pretty good at gymning. So must try keep that up to! I'm about to start uni again next week. Gonna be loadsa work so keeping eyes out for quick recipes. That the other half will like too!!

    Feel free to throw any my way lovely people.

    I too hope to kick the sugar craving. Damn christmas!! X
  16. xTillyx

    xTillyx Silver Member

    I lost 1/2 stone on my own then joined a group for more motivation and lost another 1/2 a stone. I then quit the class as I knew I couldn't stick to it over Xmas with all the drinking and naughty food! I decided I wanted to start up again so took the plunge and had a good day today with only 4 syns used. I know were supposed to have up to 15 a day but I might be going for a Chinese on Sat so will save some! I've also decided to stay sober for a month so that should help!
    I weighed myself on the scales in work I use every week and I was surprised that I'd only put on just under 2lbs over Xmas! So I'm happy with that considering what I'd ate n drunk!

    Look forward to speaking to u all soon! I'm also in the group 'Doing SW from home?' if u wanna cone and chat there the ladies are all lovely xx
  17. Mummyof2boys29

    Mummyof2boys29 Full Member

    Well done Tilly that's great!! :)

    Ill try find that group but I'm on my phone so not sure i can see it?

    Evenings are hard for me too!! But I've drank alot of diet coke to stop me picking tonight! Oh has gone to bed to not eat haha.
    Will all be worth it tho!!

    I found an old slimming world book earlier from 2011 and I was over 2 stone heavier!! I'm pleased I'm at the weight I am just need to keep going down :)

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  18. sammiec

    sammiec Full Member

    Tilly, is that group on this same website? Just trying to get used to everything.

    My books are from late 2010 early 2011. Bit much has changed since then, has it? I'm doing extra easy! Feel really motivated!! X
  19. HLBGirlie

    HLBGirlie I am determined

    your doing great keep up with the good work. Since joining sw I have hardly eaten crisps or chocolate. I tend to only eat then after weigh I'm at Mage therapy lol hopefully your craving for things like that will go. It did for me :)
  20. xTillyx

    xTillyx Silver Member

    Hey Ladies yes it's a forum on this website...can you see it in my subscribed threads? X
  21. xTillyx

    xTillyx Silver Member

    The actual wording is - 'DOING SW FROM HOME???' - it was set up 10/11/10 I think by Vitology. Hope this helps!

    I make a lovely Quorn Chilli you can have on a Green or EE day all free! -
    Quorn Mince, Passatta, a tin of mixed beans in tomato sauce (or mixed bean salad), mushrooms, peppers, & of course Chilli Powder & Paprika! I just make extra and have it for lunch the next day too! You can also vary the ingredients and make a free Quorn Spag Bol too...mmm!
    I love Passatta it's the best thing ever for making sauces! If you have got a H&B by you a large jar is only 59p and I only use half and freeze the rest or make a big batch and freeze for easy meals when u need them!

    Any questions or if u want advice just ask xx

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